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Tech Cocktail

OnTheWay: Road Trips With a Twist


Imagine this: you wait too long to buy a plane ticket to Austin for SXSW, and now you need to drive 1,500 miles or so.  From, like, Washington, DC.  But that’s OK, you just recruit friends who also waited too long to buy their tickets and turn it into a road trip – a mobile… Read more »

Plink Rewards Facebook Credits For Your Offline Purchases


Plink, a Facebook Credits-based loyalty program that rewards Facebook users for their offline purchases, officially launched yesterday. The concept isn’t new: Sign your credit or debit card up on their website, make a purchase from one of the participating restaurants or retailers, and start earning rewards.  What makes Plink different is the blending between offline and… Read more »

Viddler Announces New Updates and Simpler, More B2B-Friendly Platform


This morning Viddler announced some major changes to how their video platform is going operate moving forward, including a simpler interface, removal of extraneous features, and providing more in-depth enterprise solutions for small to large businesses. This transition began earlier last year when Viddler decided to conclude personal account sign ups.  Due to a host of… Read more »

Sponto Wants To Be Your Go-To Event-Finding Mobile Application


It’s Friday.  Your plans just fell through.  It’s 8pm – the night isn’t getting any younger.  You’ve worked hard all week, and you’re determined play.  You don’t know what to do.  More accurately, you don’t know what there is to do. Sponto does.  This DC-headquartered, location-based social networking mobile app allows users to see what… Read more »

Facebook For Fans And Athletes: LockerDome Wants to Be Your Recreational Social Network


Facebook owns social.  LinkedIn owns professional.  How about recreational?   “The bet we’ve made is that people have 3 big persona’s in their life: social, professional, and recreational,” says Gabe Lozano, LockerDome Co-Founder and CEO.  “We want to cover recreational – an area that we believe people are more passionate about than any of the… Read more »

Easily Converse with Your Customers on Twitter Using itweetlive


It’s no secret that social media is an important part of managing a brand’s customer relations and marketing. Facebook and Twitter have become popular channels for customers to recommend or trash products and brands, as well as places for brands to connect with their existing and potential customers. Many companies offer tools and services aimed… Read more »