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Tech Cocktail

Private Clubs Have Their Own Private Social Network with Clubster


There already exists a slew of private social networks, but William King believes that private clubs require a different kind of social network. “Private member clubs and organizations have been demanding a way to utilize social media tools to best engage their members, while still maintaining the industry’s commitment to privacy,” says King, COO and partner… Read more »

Sell Your Items for Free on Pinterest in 2 Clicks


Pinterest has millions of users, and some of them are looking to make a profit. Sellers routinely use it to showcase their own items: they set up an Etsy shop, for example, then “pin” their products. But a new service called Pin2Sell makes selling on Pinterest even quicker. Pin2Sell users just upload a photo of… Read more »

CTA Delays? Complain about Your Commute on TransitChatter


“Driving in traffic is a different kind of hell every day,” said Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert. The same could be said for taking the metro. Somehow after weeks and weeks of delays, construction, and bumper-to-bumper, we still hope for a smooth commute. That’s why commuting is its own class of agony. To ease the pain… Read more »

There’s an App For That: New Apps and Features from Eventbrite, YesWare, Uppidy, and More

App update

The ubiquitous online event planning tool Eventbrite has launched an At The Door Credit Card Reader for iPad, which basically turns an iPad into a mobile box office.  It lets event organizers sell tickets and merchandise and track attendees; the goal is to better compete with Ticketmaster by providing a better, cheaper, and more flexible… Read more »