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Statigram Puts Your Top Instagram Moments Into A Video Montage: A Brilliant User Acquisition Strategy


If you are an Instagram user and have been posting and perusing photos over the holidays, you may have noticed some of your friends posting their top moments from 2013 in a short video like this one. I did and quickly realized this 15 second video montage was created using a product called Statigram, an online Instagram dashboard created in Limoges, France by Jérôme Boudot and his team.

Statigram launched this new “2013 Best Moments On Instagram” feature just in time for the new year.  It pulls your most popular Instagram photos into a short “highlight reel” video that you can then share via Instragram, email or other social networks. Statigram nailed it as I’ve seen it virally explode over the course of the last few days and they now have tens of thousands of users connecting their accounts to create this nifty little video. Check out the hashtag #memostatigram on Twitter or Instragram and you will see what I am referring to. Below are a few examples.

If you are a startup founder, take notes as this is a brilliant strategy to acquire new users and also expose them to your product. Statigram is collecting valuable email addresses from all of these users, bulking up it’s marketing opportunity for it’s primary and future products. Granted, there will likely be falloff on return visitors back to Statigram, but they do have your info and can at any point reach out to nudge you to come back, maybe with another slick feature similar to this one. It’s also a great example of creating something that brings your users joy. In doing so it also creates something that is sharable that people will want to share – creating a viral marketing opportunity. Well done.

You can go to Statigram to make your own year in review highlight video with your Instagram photos. Statigram will send you the video shortly.

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