Steve Case Talks Revolution with Stephen Colbert

January 8, 2012

3:01 pm

Last Thursday Steve Case appeared on the Colbert Report to discuss all things “sharing economy“-related.

Case, the Chairman and CEO of Revolution, the DC-based  investment firm, handled each of Colbert’s quips and subsequently took advantage of conveying the principles behind this new economic shift.  In explaining that most vehicles and vacation homes only get used 5-10% of the time, Case relayed the through new services such as Zipcar, we can cut down on both cost and waste.

In Case’s own words, “there’s a generational shift away from ownership toward use and experience.”

This quickly led Colbert to pitch his new business idea, Toasterster, a community sharing toaster service.  Not surprisingly the domain was quickly picked up after the airing of the show.

Earlier this year, Case’s company announced an infusion of $450 million into their Revolution Growth Fund to further aid DC and east coast-based businesses.

Below is the clip of Case’s appearance on Colbert, or you can watch the full episode here.

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