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Tech Cocktail Las Vegas

What is Entrepreneurship Without Passion, Persistence, and Creativity?


Even though Susan Cooney has had a fruitful career as a serial entrepreneur, it took her 23 years to actually launch her first company. She was stuck in a comfort zone marketing for companies, which was something she did very well.

In 1993 she joined her first startup disrupting the mobile computing space which sold for $12 million a year later. The second company she joined was also a disruptive company, and two years after joining Cooney saw it sell for $32 million.

But she wanted a change of pace, so she shopped around and got a job offer from Wired. At first Cooney was certain she would accept it, but she took a week to consider the offer.

During that time she went to New York and was convinced by Ali Partovi and his friend – Mr. Tony Hsieh – to join their company, LinkExchange. It was vastly different from Wired, but Cooney took a lot away from it.

This was where she started learning about passion, patience, persistence, creativity, community, and celebration. She went through 4 more companies, learning the whole way, before she took her own passion and turned it into a company.

Today Cooney sits as the CEO of Givelocity, her social network for giving. We were excited to see her at our recent Tech Cocktail Week Sessions and hear all about her journey.

Here’s the video:

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