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Take A Vacation: WeHostels Now Offers 170,000 New Hotels


In late 2013 mobile travel startup WeHostels was acquired by StudentUniverse. As a direct result of StudentUnivere’s resources, WeHostels has been able to expand their market reach and are today launching a new version of their mobile app.

Until now WeHostels has only offered alternative bookings like hostels and bed & breakfasts. However, the new app expands the realm of their bookings to include more than 170,000 new hotels in their database alongside the already long list of other accommodations.

“Our users are young, budget-conscious travelers and they generally love to stay in hostels for their social aspect,” says Diego Saez-Gil, co-founder of WeHostels. “Yet many users have expressed that they would love to also have the option to book a hotel when they need it.”

Additionally, the venues that WeHostels promote in over 60,000 global locations will offer exclusive discounts as part of their booking options. Users can set their needs and preferences when searching to ensure that they get tailored, personalized results.

Before the acquisition, WeHostels was already receiving high praise from news outlets. It’s already very clear that StudentUniverse will be able to help them wrench open the gates to success even more.

“With our partnership with StudentUniverse, we are processing six times the volume of bookings that we were processing this time last year,” says Saez-Gil.

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