#TBT: “No Brandcuffs, No Brandcuffs, No Brandcuffs”

July 24, 2014

1:30 pm

During a conversation I had earlier this week with Alex Taub, he made a reference to a particular video that I apparently missed the boat on. I can’t even recall what we were talking about at the moment, but all I can remember is he responded, “Well…yes and no, and yes and no, and yes and no.”

“Devil’s Deuce Interactive was started twenty minutes ago, due to a fever dream that my grandfather had in his deathbed while suffering from a subliminal hematoma.”

Faced with the blank look on my face, he humored me and we spent the next four minutes watching a 2011 College Humor video called “Hardly Working: Start-Up Guys.” Created during what was really the nascence of startup fever in the US, the video is loaded with jargon with which people in this space are quite familiar. It’s a little exaggerated with regards to the stereotypes associated with startups and those involved in them, but, I mean, it’s a fairly accurate (albeit seriously, ridiculously exaggerated) and comedic portrayal of some things that we encounter every day.

#Whatever. It’s hilarious. Just watch the College Humor Startup Guys videos (it’s a mini-series of sorts!); here’s the first one:

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