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Tech Cocktail

How to Position Yourself for a Career in the New Tech Economy [VIDEO]


At this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference, one of the panel discussions – titled “Growing the Talent Pool” – focused on strategies through which public and private entities can support a growing talent pool within their communities. While the main points of the discussion centered around rethinking and revamping the way we approach education in order… Read more »

Evonne Heyning On Fostering Skills Based On Experiences [Video]


Evonne Heyning of Eddefy was in Las Vegas Downtown project as part of Tech Cocktail’s Sessions, where she talked creating a platform that would help people thrive based on their experiences. Eddefy is an online tool that provides tool that foster collective intelligence to facilitate personalized lifelong learning and skill-building “The experience is what often changes us… Read more »

Justin Fishkin of Local Motors: We’re Approaching the Third Industrial Revolution [VIDEO]


Back in March, we held a Tech Cocktail Sessions DC event at the temporary GE Garage in downtown Washington, DC. At the event, we got the chance to talk with Justin Fishkin, the Chief Strategy Officer of Local Motors, and Stephen J. Liguori, General Electric’s Executive Director for Global Innovation & New Models. The video below features Fishkin’s portion… Read more »

Galvanize: Denver Coworking With Benefits Including Capital, Curriculum, & Community [Video]

galvanize denver

If the proof is in the pudding, in the coworking world, startups are the proof.  And by that standard, Galvanize is Denver’s richest pudding. In non-dessert lingo, Galvanize plays home to an impressive list of both Colorado-based startups as well as national branches including ROXIMITY, GoSpotCheck, Forkly, SupportLocal, Uber and Ninety Plus, amongst others. Or maybe you evaluate pudding… Read more »

Tech Cocktail Team Appears On Fox News Chicago

Tech Cocktail on Fox News Chicago

The hottest technology that everyone is excited about today may be obsolete in just a few years. This week Frank Gruber and Jen Consalvo of Tech Cocktail appeared on Fox News Chicago with Kori Chambers as they shared their opinions on both new and old consumer electronics and gadgets. They covered some of the trends… Read more »

An Inside Look At The X.commerce eXpress Tour Bus

X.commerce Bus Tour

Last week in New York, we got a chance to sync up with the X.commerce team, which is a new division of eBay. X.commerce includes eBay, PayPal and Magento and will soon be launching a new platform for merchants, payments and beyond. The launch of the platform will take place at the X.commerce Innovate Developer… Read more »

The DC Startup Community: Micro-Documentary

The DC Startup Community Micro-Documentary

Washington, DC and its entire metro area have produced many successful tech companies in the past. America Online rooted itself in the region a couple of decades ago, and, more recently, companies like Blackboard and LivingSocial have been focal points in the tech-web-entrepreneurial action. Since 2007, we’ve been following, covering and connecting the DC tech… Read more »

Social Media Is For Losers [MUSIC VIDEO]

social media is for losers

Social media is for losers. Do you agree or disagree? Some folks, like Charlie Sheen, have leveraged social media to feel like a “winner.” Others have seen it turn them into losers, where all they do is live for the next FourSquare check-in, Instagram “like,” Facebook photo tag, or clever Twitter-trending hashtag. Sometimes it’s nice just to… Read more » HQ San Francisco Office Preview

Hotpads HQ SF has been operating from Washington, D.C. since 2005 as one of the first visual searches for real estate and apartment rentals. We covered the launch of both its Android and iPad apps. This past May they opened up a West Coast office in San Francisco as they look to continue growing and innovating for… Read more »

The Origins of Top Entrepreneurs

origin of entrepreneurs

I’m fascinated by the way successful entrepreneurs see themselves and the world. That’s why I asked the speakers at this year’s Startup Mixology Conference how they first came to see themselves as entrepreneurs. Their diverse answers prove its never too late (or too early) to start something amazing. Watch the video to find out the… Read more »

How Top Entrepreneurs Conquer Fear

how entrepreneurs conquer fear

Fear can be a terrific motivator, but it also stops many would-be entrepreneurs from achieving their dream. After interviewing the speaker’s at this year’s Startup Mixology Conference, I learned that even the most successful entrepreneurs wrestle with fear. Watch the video to see how some top entrepreneurs conquer fear. Video footage provided by sponsor IMG.