The Top 7 Business Tweets of The Week

June 18, 2012

2:25 pm

Twitter is a conversation.  Twitter is an RSS feed.  Twitter is a source of inspiration.  Twitter is the pulse.  Twitter is different things to different people.  For @TechCocktail, one of the reasons we love Twitter so hard is the insightful business discourse.  As part of a new weekly series, Tech Cocktail will be featuring the best of the best startup-related tweets.

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Without further ado…

The Top 7 Business Tweets of The Week

#1 – @David_Gardner

Co-Founder of #Startups enthusiast, former basketball player, music and film lover.

After you meet someone you were introduced to, send a note to thank the introducer and let them how it went.

— David Gardner (@David_Gardner) June 14, 2012

#2 – @levie

Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@boxHQ); I don’t fully endorse anything I say below. Go ☁

#3 – @dozykraut

Former Rock n Roll production manager, hillbilly, redneck, iconoclast, irreverent, Linux user, webmaster, sysadmin.

#4 – @LisaNicoleBell

Renaissance Woman 2.0

#5 – @micah

Live a life of extreme honesty. First company when I was 14; sold last company in 2007. Now CEO & founder of @graphicly. Startup advisor/mentor. Animal lover. 

#6 – @jasonkeath

I’m in love with @NikisNotes, the CEO of @SocialFresh, and a professional tourist in NYC.

#7 – @neilpatel

I’m Kind of a Big Deal.

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