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Phone Halo Kills It Yet Again, Raises Over 500% of Their Goal For TrackR Bravo


Christian Smith is close to celebrating his 5 year anniversary at TrackR, a company dedicated to helping you never lose your wallets, keys, or phones again. To celebrate the big milestone, TrackR has launched an Indiegogo campaign that went live this past Monday.

The campaign is to fund their newest, thinnest tracking device ever: the TackR bravo. Aside from its sleek new look, the coolest part about this campaign is that they’ve already surpassed their funding goal with over 40 days left on the clock.


Initially set at $20,000, the TrackR bravo crowdfunding campaign is already at $101,223 (at the time of writing); that’s 506 percent over their initial needs to get the TrackR bravo to market. The device measures only 3.5 mm thin, coming in 50 percent thinner than the previous design.

TrackR has been able to achieve greater results with their products using the same aluminum used by many of Apple’s most popular products. And by taking advantage of their new design, Smith and the TrackR team have been able to maintain the aesthetic beauty without sacrificing any quality or durability.

The funding goal may be morbidly surpassed at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch in still. Contributors have until the end of the campaign to claim their TrackR bravo rewards!

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One Response to “Phone Halo Kills It Yet Again, Raises Over 500% of Their Goal For TrackR Bravo”

  1. Cheryl Beh

    What happens when a company hides customers' comments instead of addressing them?

    You re-post again and find yourself being blocked from commenting.

    Nothing irritates me more than poor customer service which I'll share more in awhile. Unfortunately this company – TrackR ( chose the "my way or the high way" approach in dealing with some of their customers. It's evident in TrackR's Page where some clients commented that their comments were not addressed and removed/hidden instead.

    The background: I ordered their "bravo" device in Jan 2015 and was told that delivery would be in Feb 2015. Received an email 2 days back saying shipping will be delayed to March/April 2015, which I'm ok given the overwhelming response they received during the indiegogo crowd fund in Aug 2014.

    What I found disturbing was that the company could get 300 units of the "bravo" device in Feb 2015 before Chinese New Year.

    However instead of sending it to customers who have pre-ordered last year, the company decides to give it to their "top supporters". How are the "top supporters" chosen? By the highest number of referrals!

    I left my feedback on their FaceBook page. Clearly it must have struck a sore spot cause my comment was hidden. Subsequent re-post was hidden as well and promptly led to a block from commenting on their page.

    This incident left a sour taste in my mouth. I wonder if the company would still honour their word in delivering the goods when the time comes or come up with another reason? Well let's wait and see.

    They might have developed a device that enables one to track lost items. However, if there's anything that's lost and needs to be found, clearly it's the way the company handles customers and their feedback. And No, you don't go around hiding comments and blocking customers who happen to disagree with your practices.
    Extract from TrackR's email (26 Jan 2015) on the delayed shipping of TrackR Bravo:

    "After chatting with chip providers and our manufacturer, we have found that it is unlikely that we will be able to have the product completed before Chinese New Year and have our requested changes. Rather than rush product out, I believe it's better to wait. The first shipment to backers will arrive the 2nd week of March. Fulfillment efforts will continue through April. This is our 7th product in the tracking space that we've worked on and we've learned to listen to partner recommendations in order to guarantee product that customers love.

    We were able to have a small quantity (300 units) allocated to be shipped out before Chinese New Year. We've decided that we want to give the units to our top supporters. We will do this based on referrals. To earn a spot, use the sharing links on the Indiegogo page. People with the most referred visitors will be the first to receive TrackR bravo beta units (these units will be extra on top of the units you ordered!)"

    My comment:
    So TrackR, it seems that the manufacturers can't rush out the amendments you want before Chinese New Year. (Cause they'll be having their festive celebrations).

    However you managed to get 300 units to be shipped before Chinese New Year (hurray!).

    But wait, you want to give the 300 units to your "top supporters". And how does one become a "top supporter"? By getting the most number of referrals!

    Help me to understand this. You would rather use the 300 (precious) units to get more people to buy TrackR Bravo when:

    1. Your "Top Supporters" are the ones who supported your Indiegogo project way back and are still waiting for their TrackR Bravo devices.

    2. Instead of using the 300 units to reward your staunch supporters, you're using it as a carrot to get the supporters to get more business for you? (Wow!)

    If you're truly sincere in wanting to give the 300 units to your "Top Supporters". May I suggest that you start sending out these units to the supporters who have placed their orders last year.

    Do the right thing, and we your supporters will help to make your business right. Even without the carrots.

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