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The Upcoming Google Nexus 6 – 4 New Features We Can Expect to See


The Google Nexus series is becoming more and more popular, and this year the series is scheduled to get another family member named Google Nexus 6. Although it is still a concept, the smartphone sports an attractive exterior design coupled with an impressive software and hardware package to complete the design.

Nexus 6 is rumored to bear some of the most amazing features yet to be seen in the Nexus series. The sixth Nexus generation is expected to be an upgrade, for the most part, of its predecessor, Nexus 5.  Some of the advancements to expect on this device include:

1. Operating system

This is one definitive area to expect some huge advancements. Reportedly, Nexus will feature one of the high-end operating systems for the series. If the current rumors turn out to be true, then this Smartphone will run on Android 5.0 paired with an undeniably impressive Snapdragon 805 chip and a 3.GHz quad-core processor.

2. Design

The outer design is also expected to be amazing. Going by the reports on various technology sites and forums, Nexus 6 will feature a curved outer body design featuring a full HD 5.2 touchscreen (the touchscreen is pressure-sensitive, which makes it even more sensitive to small taps and touches). And unlike Nexus 5, this device will have a Gorilla glass 4 for screen protection. To protect the phone from small scratches, the phone will also feature a self- healing cover.

3. Camera

So you like keeping records of all your precious moments? Well, if this concept phone turns out to be what it is rumored to be, then it will be the thing for you. The camera is another feature that you should expect to see advancement on. As such, the phone is said to feature a 13 MP primary camera incorporated with more advanced manual controls for personalized photo shooting and optical image stabilization. This will ensure precise, clear-cut and crispy photos all round. In addition to this, Nexus 6 also features a 5MegaPixel camera on the front for video conferencing and a 4K video recorder.



4. Storage and protection

Nexus 6 is expected to come in three options:  a 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants all on a 3GB  RAM for your music, videos,  data, photos among others. For privacy, the phone comes with various security features. As such, it features retina and fingerprint sensors as well as thermo and health sensors. This means that the phone access will be limited to authorized usage as the owner sees fit.

Despite these reported features, the Google Nexus 6 smartphone still remains a concept that is yet to be unveiled.  The release of the phone is expected to take place in the first or second quarter of the year. And reportedly, Nexus 6 is the last smartphone to bear the Google brand, and if this turns out to be true, then Google and its partner should prove it to be an impressive piece of the Google Nexus line.

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