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WeddingWire Celebrates Valentine’s Day With 3 New Wedding Apps

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It’s Valentine’s Day, and the data shows that an estimated 6 million people are planning or expecting a marriage proposal today. WeddingWire, then, picked the perfect day to announce the upcoming release of  three new apps to complement their web-based platform.

The release of these new apps is driven by a two-part philosophy. On the one hand, WeddingWire’s mission is to simplify the wedding planning process and connect engaged couples with wedding and event merchants.

On the other hand, they paid very close attention to the growing mobile trend. Already they see half of their overall traffic coming from the mobile sector, and with the rising mobile trend in general, the team struck at the opportunity to make the wedding process even easier.

“As a wedding technology company, we’re always driven and inspired by our own commitment to get ahead of emerging tech trends and leverage them to better serve our users and clients,” says Sonny Ganguly, CMO of WeddingWire.

The first app of the suite, WedTeam, allows couples to find and book wedding vendors via an extensive vendor database. They can filter searches by location and preferences, save and compare their options, and track booked selections.

WeddingWire put WedSocial into the mix so couples can share their wedding details with all their guests. The guests can even post their own photos on the big day into a real-time feed.

Last, but not least, WedStyle allows couples to upload their own photos. They can get instant feedback from family members, friends, or other people in the wedding community at large about the hottest wedding trends.

“As the world moves from a search paradigm to a mobile paradigm, we too will continue moving in that direction to better support our customers’ needs. We’re excited to be at the forefront of a mobile revolution and we look forward to sharing what’s next for WeddingWire in mobile,” says Ganguly.

Users can expect to see WeddingWire’s new app suite fully released in the very near future.



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