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Will.I.Am, Bill Nye, and a Robot Giraffe: Just a Few Things We Saw at the White House Maker Faire


Yesterday, we got to check out the inaugural White House Maker Faire. In an effort to raise awareness about the growing maker community across the country and its lasting impact on American manufacturing and entrepreneurship, President Obama invited innovators from more than 25 states to showcase their products to all the important people in Washington, DC. Luckily, we got the chance to check it out for ourselves, and here are just a few things that we encountered:

This room filled with makers, entrepreneurs, students, business leaders, mayors, and various heads of nonprofits:



We saw Bill Nye the Science Guy, and got a little giddy:



Through a cameraman’s legs, we managed to spot Joey Hudy, the inventor of the marshmallow cannon:



There was also this really important man:



This trailer:



This woman in her red dress (Dr. Sara Wylie) and matching weather balloon:



Then, we found out that she’s created a balloon mapping kit that allows you to map your community:



There was this cool artificially intelligent giraffe:



Makey Makey, which turns everyday objects (like these bananas) into a touchpad that you can use to play music:



Some kids playing with clay or something:



This glowing cube thing:



Tiny house! 



And its cute insides!



3D printers for space:



Sole Power, which was developed out of TechShop, and allows you to charge your phone while you walk (via soles of your shoes):



 A robot obstacle competition:

robot-competition was there, too (with a photobomb from fellow tech journalist, Rob Pegoraro) !



Oh, and this epic #SELFIE. #Sciencerules:




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