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Win an HP Envy Beat system laptop from Intel

We are excited to reveal a few more details about the much anticipated Intel laptop giveaway of the HP Envy Beat system with an Intel Core i7 mobile processor that kicked off at TECH cocktail DC 7 last night. This laptop has Intel’s Core i7 mobile process which is the fastest process or in the World. Intel is asking the question “What’s your hybrid core persona?” Meaning – are you a videographer and a gardener? The last two things you need to do for a chance at winning the laptop are as follows:

  1. Take the Intel Hybrid Core Persona quiz (below).

  2. Post your outcome from the quiz as a comment on this post.

The winner of the HP Envy Beat system with an Intel Core i7 mobile processor will be selected at random and Intel will ship you the prize. You have until December 17th at midnight EST to sign-up. Good luck and thanks again for participating in TECH cocktail!

UPDATE: The sign-up is closed. And the winner of the laptop is… click here to find out.

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54 Responses to “Win an HP Envy Beat system laptop from Intel”


    Jean Pickering

    I am a Sanguine Soldier! That means I like taking photographs and cooking. Actually, I like to do more, but those were the best from the available choices.


    Bruce Montgomery

    I am a Dynamic Documentor!

    That's right – you're a videographer and a Facebook fanatic. There's nothing you don't know! You strive to document the life you live and chronicle the adventures you have.


    Dave Rafkind

    You are a Spartan Surfer!

    Whether you're surfing or gaming, you're ready to win. You're rough, yet relaxed and always looking for your next challenge.


    Cynthia Jonasson

    I'm a Caring Curator! – and I deperately want that awesome machine! :)



    I'm a Captive Connoisseur!

    "You're a gamer by day and a wine afficionado by night. A captive of both worlds, you can't get enough."



    You are a Video Vagrant!

    That's right – you're a videographer and surfer, which makes you a video vagrant. You love riding waves and making movies. You'll never be a desk jockey.



    Apparently I'm a Groovin' Gourmand! Sounds about right ;-)

    Windows Haiku: Vista Made Me Leave, Envy with Windows Seven, Intel Bring me Back


    Biffrey Braxton

    I am a Hang Loose Hipster! Wow. Never would have pegged myself as such, but I'll take it.