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7 Educational Technology Startups That Deserve Your Attention


The educational technology industry is getting busier by the day. New startups are constantly being promoted, but not all of them offer innovative concepts that increase the effectiveness of both teachers and students. That being said, there are some pretty cool recent launches both educators and students should check out.

With the right set of tools, the classroom can become an inspiring environment rather than a torturous one. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the most successful, recent EdTech startups.

1. TutorsClass

TutorsClass offers a new way for students to connect with tutors in all fields of study. Every student experiences difficulties with a subject or two, and tutors can definitely help them surpass the obstacles and understand the lessons.

Instead of scheduling actual tutoring sessions that don’t result in much success, students can now find professional online tutors and start learning on their own schedule. TutorsClass offers cool features that create an inspiring online environment.

Educators also benefit from the concept of online tutoring offered on this platform, since they can finally start tutoring more students and expand the business they love.

2. Campuscene

College admissions are stressful for all applicants. Making the right choice cannot be easy when there are so many options available. Campus tours are the best way for applicants to realize how students in different colleges live. However, it’s sometimes impossible to visit all the colleges you are interested in, which makes Campuscene an irreplaceable tool during this period.

With Campuscene, students can take virtual tours through all the colleges they are interested in, learn about their buildings and programs, and get a feel for their campuses. The tool is entirely free!

3. Writinghouse

Both students and teachers appreciate Writinghouse as a tool that saves valuable time when writing academic content. Instead of thinking about the detailed rules and guidelines of Chicago, APA, and MLA referencing styles, now everyone can create cited pages instantly with the use of this tool.

The best part is that Writinghouse doesn’t charge any fees, and there is hardly a more effective citation generator on the web.

4. Hstry

Why do most students have troubles studying history lessons? The answer is simple: the textbooks (and most history teachers’ lectures) are presented with dry language that doesn’t inspire them to visualize the events. Without proper visualization, historical facts can hardly be remembered. With Hstry, students can finally make these facts memorable by having them presented via collaborative social features and interactive timelines.

Instead of memorizing dates and events, the process of studying history can become much more interesting and inspiring with the use of images, video clips, and audio files available on this website.

5. Help.Plagtracker

Professors demand a huge number of papers to be submitted within short deadlines, which causes a lot of problems for students. With the assistance of the professional team of writers and editors available at Help.Plagtracker, students can finally start completing flawless academic content on time, so their academic record won’t suffer because of the lack of writing talent and inspiration.

The website offers writing consulting and editing assistance services that deliver 100 percent plagiarism-free results.

6. uConnect

This project revolutionized the way career services at universities and colleges were being promoted. The founders of uConnect had a vision to create custom websites and recruiting applications that deliver improved job searches and career development to their students.

They managed to achieve the mission by making it easy for colleges and universities to centralize campus recruiting activities and keep their networks of alumni, current students, and employers engaged.

7. CueThink

Solving math problems is a breeze with the help of CueThink’s Quantum game. This peer-to-peer iPad app is aimed at students from grades 4-8, and inspires them to approach math with a fun way of thinking and drawing conclusions from their mistakes.

Many teachers from all over the world started using this platform to bring a fresh mindset into their classrooms when it comes to math problem-solving.

Conclusion: Keep your eye on the startups!

Although it looks like everything has already been invented as far as educational technology is concerned, there are always fresh concepts that deserve your attention. All the tools I listed above are valuable in the teaching and learning processes, so every student and educator should be aware of them.

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