From 0 to 60: An Actionable Plan for Starting Social Media Marketing

June 19, 2014

1:30 pm

Since even the CIA is now on Twitter, we know that every company should be using social media marketing. Getting started is a process of testing the waters of various social media channels, like Facebook and Pinterest. With so many different services popping up, each with their own rules and requirements, it’s hard to know where to begin and even harder to not waste time.

So I’ve distilled the process into 61 steps, taking a newbie company from step 0 to 60.

Step 0: Create a square image for profile pictures

  1. Sign up for, a free link-tracking tool. 
  2. Sign up for Twitter and write 140-character bio with city of residence
  3. Upload your square profile picture and background picture
  4. Make first tweet
  5. Make second tweet using a link to a useful page
  6. Make a third tweet with a popular hashtag
  7. Create several public lists including “industry experts” “interesting bloggers” “press in the know” and add people to these lists as necessary
  8. Sign up for Zite on your smart phone
  9. Make a tweet through Zite
  10. Register your business as a fan page on Facebook
  11. Enter a bio with your Twitter handle and URL
  12. Upload your square profile picture and background picture
  13. Make first useful content post
  14. Make Zite post (Set “Audience” to your fan page)
  15. Invite personal friends to “like” fan page
  16. Post on your personal wall that you’ve created a fanpage
  17. Register for Google+ account
  18. Write bio that includes Twitter handle and page URL
  19. Upload square profile picture and background picture
  20. Write first post with a link
  21. Use Zite to make a post to Google+
  22. Find friends to add to circles from your contacts
  23. Create useful circles such as “personal friends” “good customers” and “people to know”
  24. Take a moment to track your link from your second tweet
  25. Register your business as a page on LinkedIn
  26. Upload your square profile picture and background picture
  27. Link to any employees
  28. Complete as much of the form as possible
  29. Send InMail to former clients asking them if they’d critique the page and/or recommend it
  30. Take a moment to update your personal LinkedIn profile for content/professionalism
  31. Join three active groups related to your field and read through the last five posts in each
  32. Find a useful content article to post in each, give simple explanation
  33. Sign up for HootSuite
  34. Link to your Twitter account
  35. Create streams for: Scheduled Tweets, @Mentions, and 2 keyword search streams related to your field
  36. Schedule a tweet for an hour from now
  37. Link to your Facebook account, Google+ account, and LinkedIn
  38. Schedule another Twitter post, being sure to send only to Twitter
  39. Sign up for Pinterest
  40. Upload your square photo
  41. Write a bio with your Twitter handle and URL
  42. Create boards like “what motivates us” “inspiration” “people we’d like to have dinner with”
  43. Use the search to pin several items to these boards
  44. Like at least 10 pins without pinning them to your boards
  45. Comment on a pin
  46. Create another board called “Our Brand” for self-promoting links
  47. Take a moment to track your Facebook Zite post
  48. Sign up for Instagram
  49. Upload your square profile picture
  50. Create bio with Twitter handle and URL
  51. Post your first photograph
  52. Comment on your own photo with several relevant hashtags
  53. Use the search function to find people on your industry and follow at least ten people
  54. Go to your photo stream and “like” any photo in it that is appropriate
  55. Unfriend any users with inappropriate pictures
  56. Check your Twitter account to see who has followed you
  57. Read each person’s Twitter bio looking for spam words like “gain followers” and follow back anyone that looks interesting
  58. Add these new accounts to applicable lists
  59. Search for three more people to follow and add them to lists
  60. Sign up for Klout

That’s it. You’ll want to continue engaging and tracking your progress through and Klout. Congratulations on starting your social media marketing journey!

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