7 Real-Life Products James Bond Would Be Proud Of

November 27, 2015

2:00 pm

Tech has taken our lives to a whole new level because it makes so many things that were once impossible, possible. Tech enhances our lives in many ways but more importantly it makes life so much more enjoyable because we can now reach out further than ever before and take control of our lives in a way that enhances our very being. James Bond was once the king of all things gadget, however we’re catching up and there are some awesome options out there for us to get our hands on. The following 7 pieces of tech are real life products that James Bond would be proud of:

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is a piece of equipment that really makes the home a lot more secure but also more technologically advances. This is basically an aluminium unit that replaces your door lock and it connects up to your smart phone, so when you approach it automatically opens the door which means you no longer need your keys. It is also possible to give others access but also makes it possible to remove it once you no longer want them around!

Nest Thermostat

Keeping our homes warm during the winter months is something that can be difficult. You can time your thermostat to come on at certain times but this doesn’t always fall in with your busy schedule which means that you waste energy and money. The Nest Thermostat enables you to control your heating from you smartphone and it will even learn how you move around so that it knows when you arrive home from work so your home can be heated accordingly. Not only is it smart looking but it also helps to save money.

Tesla Model S

When it comes to tech, cars are not always the firs things to spring to mind but the Tesla Model S should.  This all-electric car is now available and it can now manage 200 miles on one single charge with the 60kWH version whilst the 85kWH version can do more than 300 mile. This car comes with an impressive 17 inch touchscreen that controls the car and the performance model can actually accelerate faster than an Aston Martin- it certainly isn’t slow!


The Panono is brilliant for those who like photography but find taking a 360 degree photo trick. Throw this ball up in the air and by the time it comes back down it would have captured a 360 degree photograph. Taking a panoramic shot has never been so easy.

DJI Inspire Drone

Drones really have grown in popularity and the DJI Inspire takes it to a new level. This comes with stunning carbon fiber arms that offer a 360-degree view with a 4k integrated camera that has 12 million pixels and a nine element lens with footage captured at 30fps. Fully controlled using your smartphone and with a cool function that enables it to be controlled using two remotes, this is the drone to beat.

RideOn Goggles

Tech has not always gone hand in hand with skiing or snowboarding but the RideOn really does. These goggles add augmented reality layers to your vision that will leave you breathless whilst it will connect with your smartphone and display maps and challenges right in front of your very eyes. You can even control it with your eyes. The goggles can tell you how long a ski lift will take and there is even a HD camera. The large display panel is three times larger than that of Google glass so more information can be seen. Bond is famed for his glasses and these alongside some in this infographic showcase how cool here really is.

Ninja Sphere

We all want our homes to be fully controllable and that is now possible using the Ninja Sphere. This is a gadget that enables you to completely control the environment in your home. It makes it possible to monitor the temperature, lighting and how much energy you use. Connected via a smart plug, it will display information to an app that will alert you to lights that are left on and even if someone has been in your fridge. Keeping track on what happens at home as never been so simple.

These are just some awesome gadgets that we’re pretty sure Q would be more than happy to arm Bond with and are all available to any of us – pretty cool.

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