1.8 Million Reasons to Build your Brand on a .CO!

July 29, 2015

9:00 am

Five years ago, the .CO platform launched the web extension that has become the first choice for innovators and entrepreneurs seeking to build and amplify their online presence. Since that time, more than 1.8 million big ideas have launched on .CO domain names by individuals and businesses in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. And since the launch of the platform, .CO-ers have received over $1.2 billion dollars in funding!

Vine.co, Angel.co, 500.co, Brit.co, VSCO.co, MeerkatApp.co, Ello.co – every day it seems like more and more innovative businesses and brands are launching on .CO domains.

To celebrate its Fifth Birthday, .CO released these two infographics highlighting both the booming .CO community – and the ecosystem of partners (including our very own Tech.co) that is helping .CO to grow in every corner of the world.

Happy Birthday .CO! By the numbers:

Companies have a lot of options when it comes to registering a unique domain name, but a look at the number of listed Crunchbase companies confirms that startups and tech companies overwhelmingly prefer the .CO than any other alternate extension. .CO has more than twice the number of companies listed than .io, .me, .ly, and .club combined.

2,812 .CO companies
1,365 .io companies
1,270 .ME companies
206 .ly companies
13 .club companies

A short and sweet domain name is pretty attractive, but how about an impactful single-character domain? Currently, there are 12 single-character companies registered on .CO.

Some of the most popular apps and sites are on a .CO. Meerkat, Vine, VentureHive, and more boast a .CO platform. Here are a few numbers as of July 15, 2015 that demonstrate the success of companies like these:

Commonbond.co more than $100m in funded loans

Brit.co raised $20m

WholeWorldWater.co has eliminated 272,583 plastic bottles since 2013

Vine.co 12 million vine videos uploaded to Twitter daily

Meerkatapp.co 91,776 videos streamed on Meerkat

thankyou.co funded 12.1 million days worth of food aid

.CO Perks & Privileges

More than a domain, .CO has made a name for itself by being more than just a couple of letters to the right of the dot. Vested in the success of “.CO-ers” –.CO consistently provides its customers with high value perks and privileges to help them launch, grow and promote their businesses. For example, .CO gives all Startup Weekend participants free .CO domains.

“For the past five years we have partnered with .CO through our Startup Weekend Events, and have provided tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in every corner of the world with .CO domains to help launch their businesses, brands and big ideas online,” said Marc Nager, Chief Community Officer of Techstars, which recently acquired Startup Weekend. “.CO symbolizes creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship,” said Nager, “which is exactly what Techstars is all about.”

To celebrate its fifth birthday, .CO provided a set of exclusive offers to .CO-ers through its Membership Program, including free public relations consulting, access to high value software to help startup founders run their business, tools for managing the entire startup process, access to online learning, a copy of the book Contagious, access to Ash Maurya’s bootstart program, and over $13,000 of free annual memberships to WeWork – perhaps the hottest co-working space in the world!

The WeWork offer is especially exciting, because in addition to the free memberships that will continue to be offered via the .CO Membership Program, all .CO-ers will receive special discounts on WeWork memberships and have access to select WeWork events. Additionally, WeWork members will have special access to the .CO domain.

According to Ben Kessler, WeWork Director of Marketing: “At WeWork, we strongly believe in the power of community. The .CO ecosystem embodies many of the same values we live by and partnering with .CO was a natural extension in our quest to connect creators and entrepreneurs across the world.”

The two community-centric companies will continue to build off one another to create more events, programs, and resources throughout the year.

Take a look at this infographic that really drives home the amazing achievements that .CO and its partners are celebrating as they mark this 5th anniversary:

.CO partners


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