10 Best Cities For Budding Entrepreneurs

May 24, 2016

11:45 am

When you’re building a business, location is an important thing to consider. Entrepreneurs can struggle with this decision because there is a lot riding on it . Factors like costs of real estate and rent, state taxes, city demographic and infrastructure can all affect a business’s chance of success. 

But good entrepreneurs can always look a decision like location in the face and make the right choice. Particularly when they are flushed with research to help them out. With this list, even the freshest entrepreneurs can make an educated decision on where their business should start off.

Check out the list below to get a good idea of the best cities for entrepreneurs.


When talking about the best place to start a business, it’s important to add remote work to the discussion. Telecommuting used to be something people did when they were too sick to come to the office and could only accomplish a few tasks from home. But now, thanks to so many new tools and techniques to enable remote work, freelancing is catching on like wildfire.

Companies like GitHub, Automattic, and Toptal are growing with an entirely remote workforce. In 2015, nearly a third of the US workforce did freelance work in some capacity, and that figure is expected to grow to 50% by 2020. Sure, you could move to a new city suitable for your business, but maybe you can build it right where you are too.

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