10 Best Cities for Millennials Right Now

December 14, 2015

2:30 pm

Many people may not want to admit this, but Millennials are taking over the world. This generation has some members old enough to run for Congress, while the younger ones are graduating college and just starting to pave their ways in this big scary world.

Niche.com is a company that tracks the decision-making behaviors of Millennials, and they recently created a ranking of the best cities for Millennials (not the best cities for Millennial entrepreneurs – just Millennials overall). They evaluated 232 cities for factors such as percentage of people age 25-34, median rent, ethnic diversity, and quality of life. Here are the cities that made up the top 10, according to this ranking.

10. New York, NY

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The city so nice they named it twice. But that’s not really true, since it’s actually the state that is named once and the city just happens to bear the same name as the state in which is exists, just to get completely off point. This spot on the list refers to NYC as a whole. Boroughs Queens (#23) and Brooklyn (#14) were ranked further down on the list. Surprisingly, the median rent in the is only $1200.

9. Boston, MA


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Almost 22 percent of the population is 25-34. Median rent might be slightly higher than NYC at $1,281, but with educational institutions like MIT and Harvard in the neighborhood, Boston is pumping out startups and high level talent like nobody’s business. The city has been a hub for young adults for a while, and there’s no sign of that changing any time soon.

8. Berkeley, CA


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This isn’t your parents’ hippy dippy Berkeley, though I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find someone with flowers (only from an organic sustainable garden, of course) in their hair. It’s slightly cheaper than San Francisco, slightly less grungy than Oakland, and has Millennials flocking to the area, with a rate of 4.3 percent for Millennial newcomers.

7. Washington, DC


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You should know better than to assume that DC is all political junkies. It’s home to several large universities, tech giants, government contractors, and has a wide range of cultures. Over 20 percent of the city’s population is between 25-34, making it easy to find and connect with other young, like-minded people.

6. Seattle, WA


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The Pacific Northwest is known for being pretty laid back compared to the east coast. Seattle is another city that is home to a lot of young folks, with more 21 percent between 25-34. They also boast a very low unemployment rate of only 4.8 percent. Also, there’s no shame in being tied to your technological devices here, since it’s usually too rainy to go out and enjoy the outdoors anyway.

5. Jersey City, New Jersey


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You might think of Jersey City as NYC’s dirty stepbrother, but it’s an inexpensive and vibrant option to those who want to make the most of the country’s most diverse and active city without having to pay to live in NYC. It’s also a good central location to other big cities along the eastern seaboard.

4. San Francisco, CA


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San Francisco’s population is only getting younger as rent gets higher. This city makes almost every list geared towards Millennials, high quality of life, startups, etc. Sure, it’s very expensive to live here, but there are so many opportunities available to young adults, that the cost might just be worth it.

3. Alexandria, VA


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As someone who lives in DC, I’m pretty familiar with Alexandria. I can tell you that just like any city, it has its nice parts and it has its not so nice parts, and the nice parts can cost almost as much as living in DC.  However, Alexandria is a great option for Millennials wanting access to the hub that is DC as well as the mini-hub that is flourishing in neighboring Arlington.

2. Manhattan, NY


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Not surprisingly, one of the biggest tech hubs in the country, Manhattan draws in millennials from all over the world. Not only can you find a decent slice of pizza 24/7, but you can also find activities and events for almost every interest you can possibly imagine. Millennials like diversity, and there are few places in the world with more diversity than Manhattan.

1. Cambridge, MA


Image via Forbes.com

Cambridge should be considered simply a suburb of Boston. It is a hub of activity all on its own. The universities that call Cambridge home contribute to the almost 30 percent of citizens between 25-34. There has been innovation and new ideas springing from this city for centuries, and its not going to slow down any time soon.

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