10 Cool Editing Tools To Make A Blogger’s Life Easier

October 27, 2015

3:04 pm

Editing can be a difficult task for a creative person who has great ideas, but doesn’t enjoy checking grammar. Becoming a successful blogger (and a better writer) is easier than ever, thanks to the following 10 online editing tools.  With these tools, any blogger can promote, edit and improve his or her work, and deliver content that brings back amazing results.

  1. Quabel

Getting distracted when you write can be a thing of the past if you use Quabel. This is a built-in browser app that keeps distraction away while you write. A German product, Quabel has a clutter-free interface and can be used offline as well.

  1. Grammark

When it comes to editing, Grammark can be your best friend. This service is capable of analyzing each sentence and identifying possible problems. It also suggests which improvements are needed depending on your writing level.

  1. editMinion

A quicker editing tool, editMinion can correct passive voice, the use of adverbs and homonyms. It is also good at identifying clichés. In case Greek and Latin are languages that you work with, editMinion provides valuable wisdom about those as well.

  1. College Paper

College Paper is a paid services website that connects you with real professional editors who can explain the flaws in your writing. There are also writers providing their research for topics you might not be familiar enough with. Your first order costs 25% less, so give it a try!

  1. After the Deadline

After the deadline is freeware software available on multiple platforms. It features intelligent grammar and style checking. The news section from this website contains useful advices on proofreading, detecting typos and other similar topics.

  1. AutoCrit

AutoCrit can successfully replace the work of an editor in case of fiction writing. This is a text analyzer that makes you reverse the way you chose to say something. It is appreciated for eliminating the so-called ‘lazy eye’.

  1. CoSchedule

Once your content is polished and ready to publish, you must find good way to promote it. CoSchedule helps you organize all your work and publish it on all social media platforms at the same time. It also offers the option to plan ahead and create scheduled posts.

  1. BibMe

Quoting is necessary in order to avoid plagiarism. When building a bibliography, BibMe comes in hand because it builds your cited list and offers 4 different downloading formats to spare you the trouble of formatting.

  1. Cliché Finder

A blog post full of clichés is boring. People are so tired of reading about the same things every day that they have the tendency to avoid clichés. Bringing a fresh perspective is welcome and that’s what Cliché Finder is all about.

  1. Byword

When it comes to doing the writing, Byword puts an app at your disposal that saves you time. All the editing tools and the shortcuts that you desire can be found in one place. It supports Markdown and can post directly to social media websites.

Depending on your needs, you could use one or more of these websites and apps to become the blogger you’ve always wanted! These tools are meant to help you, so use all the help you can get to achieve your purposes in a shorter period of time!

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