10 Damn Good Reasons to Attend Boulder Startup Week

April 26, 2013

9:00 am

Aside from the occasional late-April blizzard, Boulder, Colorado could easily be confused for a Utopia.  It’s been recognized as the brainiest city in the country, the best place to raise an outdoor kid, ranked highest on the Well-Being Index, the top town to “live well”, the most LGBT, family-friendly, the “foodiest“…the list goes on

Over the course of the last decade, the “25 square miles surrounded by reality” has also established itself as one of the leading startup communities in the world – having a top ranked startup accelerator will do that.  In an effort to entice others to join the community, the city will be hosting its 4th annual Boulder Startup Week, a 5-day event featuring various meetups, seminars, parties, and general gallivanting.  And this year Boulder is taking its startup-culture muscle flexing to new extremes by paying for 24 visitors to fly in and experience the mountain town for themselves.

In case a free flight isn’t enough, Tech Cocktail caught up with some Boulder Tech veterans to persuade you with ten reasons to attend this year’s Boulder Startup Week.

1) Fostering Community

Boulder Startup Week has had a huge impact on the community and people looking to move here. Many have done just that (moved here after attending Boulder Startup week).

Andrew Hyde, Boulder Startup Week Founder

2) Not Your Average Seminar

At times in my career, I’ve had employers pay hundreds or thousands of dollars — plus airfare and hotel costs — to attend seminars that didn’t have a fraction of the value and topic diversity of Boulder Startup Week. Save the money and invest the time in yourself — pick your events now. Listen, learn, discuss, meet and grow!

Doyle Albee, Metzger Associates, President/COO

3) Boulder is Seductive

Boulder Startup Week is a great excuse to come and see what one of the top startup communities in the country is all about. Watch out though, you might fall in love with the place and never leave. It happened to me.

David Cohen, TechStars Founder

4) Meet your Neighbors

Boulder is a special place for entrepreneurs because of its incredibly supportive and tight-knit startup community. Boulder Startup Week seems to help talented folks tap into that community, and we are honored to be able to contribute to that spirit. We attend plenty of startup conferences and events, but we are especially excited about Boulder Startup Week because it’s a chance to get to know our neighbors.

– Toma Bedolla, CEO of TravelShark

5) Jumpstart Your Project

Boulder Startup Week is unlike any other event in Boulder. It brings together developers, entrepreneurs and investors in casual venues to talk shop, share code and make plans. We typically host an evening event and to date have always hired based on connections we make that week.

– Mike Barinek, Director of Engineering at Pivotal Labs

6) Extending the Community

Attending Boulder Startup Week is one of the best ways to meet the entire Boulder startup community and to interact with startup teams and hiring managers in meaningful and impactful ways. The event has been big catalyst for attracting needed non-local talent to Boulder, not just by bringing talent and local startups together, but by also showcasing the strong sense of community and independent spirit that is at the heart of the Boulder startup ecosystem and the unique Boulder experience.

– Jim Franklin, CEO of SendGrid

7) Find a Job

Boulder Startup Week is the single best opportunity to find a job in the startup world. Whether you’re a local and deeply immersed in the community, or visiting from out of town, Boulder Startup Week presents the opportunity to network, learn about Boulder companies, and find your next great job. Companies that host events say it’s the best chance to recruit because they can open their doors to the community. Attendees who are job hunting take advantage of the events to see how they would fit in prospective employers.

– Rich Maloy, Boulder Startup Week Event Organizer

8) Blending Boulder’s Finest

Boulder has a unique blend of incredibly smart entrepreneurs, experienced mentors, a wealth of events geared towards startups, and a culture that celebrates sharing and learning from one another. Boulder Startup Week embodies all of these traits in one week’s worth of activities. If you’re considering a startup or are already part of one, this event is not to be missed.

– Kevin Menzie, CEO of Slice of Lime

9) Unique Opportunity for Collaboration

We’re proud to sponsor Boulder Startup Week because it gives us an opportunity to show other startup communities how to gather together, share best practices, collaborate and get together with our fellow Boulder startups. We also believe Boulder Startup Week is invaluable to introducing new job candidates to our talent pool.

Jud Valeski, CEO of Gnip

10) Visit Your New Startup Headquarters?

We did our research, reading one after the other overwhelmingly positive review of Boulder as a great place to establish a start-up. It wasn’t until we arrived at Boulder Startup Week 2012 that we saw how vibrant and inviting the community was. Local members of the Boulder community showed a genuine interest in who we were and always offered to extend a helping hand wherever they could. Our headquarters are now located in downtown Pearl Street Mall and we haven’t looked back since.

Brett Crockett, COO at Pellucid Analytics

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