10 Skills That Will Make Developers More Competitive

April 25, 2015

8:00 am

If you’re developing apps and are looking for good opportunities, you need to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it’s said to be. While a good portfolio helps, you also need clients to take notice of your application first before others.

Clients have a lot considerations when choosing clients, from their own set of personal preferences to regional location. In the age of ever changing technology, developers need to keep their skills updated and to offer the best software solutions to users. Here are the top ten skills for developers to have to stay in the limelight.

1. Multiplatform App Development

Developers must know to create apps on each platform. Moreover, they need to learn to negotiate technical and non-technical issues. Today’s star platforms include iOS, Windows, and Android. BB10 is another great choice, but then again Blackberry is still climbing its way up from the pit and you wouldn’t find many clients trying to invest in the BB OS exclusively.

2. Enterprise Mobile Development

The enterprise need systems that manage and secures data across different devices. With more employees bringing their own devices, developers must give them the ability to do so. Your skills must include mobile app management, mobile device management, security elements, and app wrapping.

3. HTML5

It is the newest technology for creating web pages and bringing them under one website. This technology allows the developer to port mobile apps for different platforms. Learning this language will increase your ability to provide extra to users.

4. Advanced Mobile App Development

You will have to continuously learn new tools and techniques to improvise on your current app design skills, which will enable you to keep updating your apps.

5. Location Sensing

Location sensing allows any business to go to new level. With the ability to know if the customer is near the store, it gives businesses the chance to create new sales opportunities.

6. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is developing fast with products like Google Glass (although now-defunct) and the Apple Watch coming into the picture. Moto 360 for instance has a slew of apps that can run on it and the wearable app market is a fast growing one. As a developer, it’s important to learn new skills to develop apps for these developing devices.

7. New Wi-Fi Standards

Wi-Fi performance will be increased in the future with new standards like 802, 11ac, 11ad and 11ah coming in. This increases the Wi-Fi range and makes relevant apps that support new standards critical.

8. Smart Objects

Domestic appliances are increasingly utilizing connectivity to the Cloud, pushing forth a movement into the Internet of Things. Thus, developing apps to allow this emerging technology to prosper is a new challenge for a developer.

9. LTE and LTE-A

New internet connectivity over the phone takes cellular capabilities to a new level. Developers must improve their skill to high demands to leverage this new technology.

10. Monitoring tools

Track the success and failure of your app. Being able to utilize these tools can help to provide valuable information for both developers and their clients.

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