10 Things to Do Before Developing an App

June 13, 2016

8:00 pm

You’ve got a sensational idea for an app, right? It’s going to help hundreds, maybe thousands of people! An app idea so extraordinary, so life-changing that you’re going to burst if yo don’t get it straight off the drawing board and into development.

Wait. Wait. Wait. I, in good conscience, cannot let you run out to the races without knowing the battleground that’s out there.

Developing an app isn’t easy – ask app developers. People who make apps for a living every day – know that it’s a grueling process that requires finesse.

I’d like to help you side-step some of the lengthier processes that comes with developing apps for the market. After all, who doesn’t like having their mobile production run smoother, easier, and with less hassle. Not to mention, saving you money.

Know Your Market

Your app has to serve a purpose. Nobody opens a restaurant and serves every cuisine dish from every culture under the sun. Owners open restaurants because they know the locale, they know (or should know) the people they’re going to be serving food to.

And then they build a menu around the foods they know the locals want to eat… and then give it to them.

The same is true with apps. You can’t build a successful app for the market if you don’t know the market.

Figure Out What Your Market Wants

Delve deep into your market. Talk to people. Build a rapport with them, and use that info to help make your app reach audiences more efficiently.

I want you to find out what your market wants to eat for that night. If you find out what brand of water they want to drink any given week, you can find out what they’re looking for in an app.

Why’s this so important? Well, find out what someone wants… and then give them just that… you’d be helping everyone who wants the same exact thing. And that’s awesome.

Choose Your Platform

You have to think about what platform you’re building your app for. iOS? Android? These platforms aren’t cross-compatible.

There are some developers that use cross-platform methods. However, be sure to do your research.

Estimate Production Costs

On average, businesses spend $10,000 to $70,000 for the development process. Figuring out the market, before even developing an app, is important – especially to navigate around these costs.

Are You Going To Monetize?

Naturally, you’re going to want to figure out if you’re monetizing the app or not. Whether you go for a buck a pop or three dollars… It’s important. Especially if you want to get back your advancement. This isn’t including monetization from ads and agencies/sponsors.

Test, Test, Test

If you do decide to monetize, and you’re sure you’re providing what your particular market is asking for, taking a tactic out of direct response mail advertisers ends up saving you money.

Sure, it’ll still cost you money to test your “free” app using trials. But once you set a monetization process in place, you’ll more than make up for the test trials once you start charging for your app.

Advertise Your App

Let me tell you something – anybody with enough funding and a creative idea can create an app. What makes people want to try/buy those new apps is how you sell the app.

You can tell them what your app does and all the bells and whistles of it – but if your app doesn’t fulfill your market’s needs… you’re kayaking up a current without a paddle. Figure out the most effective way to sell your app and move forward.

Market Your App

Once you have your copy in place and you’ve verified how hot your app is from your trials, it’s time for the big guns – distribution.

Good ol’ fashioned marketing is the way to go. Take note of the industry trends, but adjust to where you need – you want to be able to reach audiences authentically. Go through the usual social media channels, submit your app to app review sites and get feedback. It all makes a difference.

Analyze As You Go

You have to be deliberate in scrutinizing your work for the first few weeks (or months) of your app’s progress after publishing. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is the #1 way to changing your app, on the fly, as problems crop up. This is the most important part of your app development.

Analyze all the results that come your way.

Keep Your Users Happy

Keep your initial investors/testers in the loop. Keep your relationship with them sound – the people who were with you in the beginning deserve to be with you during production and after launch.

Keep your users happy. That’s the fundamental basic in business – any business. Because your relationship with your users can make you incredibly happy, and draw a good profit… or leave you miserable and broke.

Image Credit to World Bank Photo Collection / Flickr.


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