10 Things To Look For At CES 2010

January 6, 2010

10:44 pm

Consumer Electronic Show

Consumer Electronic Show

It’s the Consumer Electronic Show again and I just landed in Las Vegas excited to see what this year might bring. This is my second year in a row attending as an Intel Insider, social media brand ambassador. Thank you Intel.

So what am I looking forward to this year at CES?
I’d have to say I am looking forward to these 10 things:

  1. 3D TV – Still riding a high from seeing Avatar’s 3D technology, I am excited to see what 3D TV’s are going to be previewed at this year’s show.
  2. Tablet PC’s – With the rumors flying about Apple launching a $1000 tablet in March called the iSlate or iGuide, I am interested to see what their competition might be. I think $1000 may be a little hefty of a price tag when there are a number of other options to fill the gap between mobile phone and laptop.
  3. eBook Readers – While the Amazon Kindle and more recently Barnes & Noble nook are out in the marketplace I am interested to see if others surface with these big players, maybe something at a lower price point, say… $99 to start.
  4. Green Tech Gadgets – I am on the lookout for interesting new eco-friendly devices that save energy and do less damage on this beautiful planet.
  5. Driver Safety Gadgets – Just about everyone I know send SMS text messages these days and with that comes the urge to text while driving. Studies actually have recently proven that texting while driving is just as dangerous as driving while under the influence. So that said, there are a number of companies looking to create the perfect system to combat texting while driving and I am interested to find out more about some of these technologies.
  6. Netbooks & MIDs – They are little tiny and more powerful everyday. I am going to look for the most compact yet still functional Netbook & Mobile Internet Devices. I like to be able to work from anywhere so it would be best if they are 3G or Wimax enabled.
  7. Cameras & Camcorders – I am always looking for new camera and camcorders.
  8. Content – Yes content! This year CES might shed some light on the content business as more and more people turn to the Web rather than TV for content. I’d love to be able to pick the 10 channels I watch the most and just pay for those channels as part of an al a carte television system. We’ll see if that happens. The Roku and Boxee are doing some interesting things to make it easy to watch movies and other content over the Web connected to your TV.
  9. Innovative Gadgets – This is a rather brought category but last year I saw some gadgets that did not quite fit into a category and I wasn’t even really looking for them. So this year I will be on the lookout for new, innovative and probably slightly unusual gadgets.
  10. Faster Processors – You may recall that last year Intel showed off the Atom processor and all it can do so this year I am interested to see the launch of the 2010 family of Core Processors. Let’s see how fast these things can go!

I hope to find all these things and more at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and decided to exhibit self-control by writing this article rather than taking advantage of being in Vegas. Now I’m done, Vegas here I come – let the games being!

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