10 Tips to Pump Passion Into The Creative Process

June 21, 2014

4:00 pm

Ever wonder how creatives do it — go from a vague idea to a beautifully executed final concept? Well, you’re lucky you clicked to read this because at Aveya Creative, we love to share. Here are our top tips to become a guru of the creative process.

"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" -- Albert Einstein

1) First things first: Lead with passion.
Many startups fail to grasp one simple concept: a brand should embody the passion of its leadership. A successful brand conveys vision, connects intrinsically with its consumer base and emphasizes the company’s value.

2) It all starts with an idea.
You have to believe in the idea and validate that it has reason to exist for particular target markets. If it’s a viable solution to a pressing problem, chances are it will succeed. The next thing to do is present it properly.

3) Bounce the idea off others.
Share the concept with friends, family and team members. Go further to crowdsource first impressions via social media. Remember that honest feedback is essential; there is always room for improvement.

4) Absorb best practices.
Innovation is all about making existing solutions better. Take the time to learn about what’s already out there and how this new idea offers a unique alternative to options that tackle similar problems on the market.

5) Create (obviously).
Start anywhere and make the idea into something real. Whether it’s an online service or a tangible product, give it an identity. Brand it.

6) Face fear.
There is always a chance of failure. That’s part of what makes entrepreneurship exciting. Do not be afraid to fall flat on your face; it’s all uphill from there when you get right back up.

7) Change mindsets.
Focus on something else for a while and let the idea in progress soak in all that genius. Don’t leave for a month on a trip around the world, but a day or so to let the mind relax and then see the project from a fresh perspective is incredibly helpful.

8) Constructive feedback is key.
Ask direct questions about specific elements of the idea that may seem unclear. Leaving a blank slate open for feedback on anything and everything will confuse audiences and their replies risk being irrelevant. Never just say “What do you think?” or “Do you like it?” If it’s the color of the buttons on the site that are questionable, ask for suggestions about better colors and cumulate a vote on the top choice. If it’s the shape of the package that looks funny, seek alternatives. Well-formulated questions lead to useful answers.

9) Put it all together
Launching a new idea is like putting together a huge puzzle with hundreds of tiny pieces. Keep track of notes, lessons learned, aha! moments and take action on the most feedback. Eventually, the pieces come together and the big picture becomes ready to present to audiences.

10) Capture [dwindling] attention.
Don’t be afraid to promote your message through multiple channels, because you never quite know exactly where your target audience’s attention will be at a given moment. A few people could be scrolling through Twitter feeds on their smartphones while waiting in line at the store, another could be sneaking a peek at Facebook during break time at work, one may be flipping through pages of a [tangible!] magazine while waiting for an appointment, one glued to the game on the big screen at the gym during a workout. Online and offline presence must be coordinated in order to give due recognition to the result of your creative process.

You’re proud of your work, so go tell as many people as possible about it!

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Mariya Bouraima, avid world traveler and proud mompreneur, launched Aveya Creative in 2012 — the first branding and marketing agency in the nation’s capital dedicated to entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The grand mission? To transform innovative ideas into extraordinary brands. Core services at Aveya Creative are brand strategy, logos and taglines, pitch coaching and design; optimized copywriting, ad creative, press releases and social media management are also part of the mix. Mariya has led the growing team with endless enthusiasm to develop branding and marketing for entrepreneurs in diverse industries across the United States, including prominent tech startups at incubators such as 1776 in Washington DC and Y Combinator in San Francisco. Mariya loves to get involved in the startup community through writing for Tech.Co, Medium, LinkedIn Pulse and WeWork Creator magazine. She speaks annually at Modev UX conferences, teaches at General Assembly and Startup Institute and moderates panels at Next Tech and Ladies America events. She is a mentor at Lean Startup Machine, Conscious Venture Lab, Bethesda Green incubator and KickDC accelerator. She also hosts BrandNew roundtable discussions and serves as judge at the GW New Venture Competition at her alma mater, The George Washington University. Before Aveya, Mariya worked in account management at Ogilvy while completing her Masters in Brand Management in Paris, France; managed social media at the State Department; ran the Institute for Sustainability at GWU in DC from day one including branding, events and communications; was in sales and marketing for The Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis hotels. She's always loved freelancing on the side: French translation of marketing campaigns for companies like Airbnb, P&G, Danone and several government clients including DOS and DOJ. Her 10+ years of experience are diverse as they are full of energy for branding and marketing -- always on the pulse of innovation and positive impact.

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