10 Visual Tips for Small Business Growth

December 1, 2015

4:00 pm

Human beings are visual learners, particularly when it comes to the things they see on a screen. In an electronic setting, customers are generally more likely to stop and look at a photograph or video rather than a blog post. From there, they’ll associate images with your brand, resulting in brand awareness and growth.

In general, videos and images perform better than simple, black and white text. Research has shown that illustrations are better for increasing customer comprehension, retention, and recollection. This is because the average human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it processes text.

This is the primary reason why visuals can have such a powerful impact on the growth of your small business. Furthermore, it’s not as difficult to incorporate visuals as many small business owners believe. Even as a beginner, whipping up an infographic or taking high quality photographs is easily achievable.  Here are a few tactics worth trying.

1. Use High Quality Product Photos and Videos

When purchasing products online, a picture speaks way more than a thousand words, and videos can say even more. Good quality product videos can demonstrate the product in context better than an image can, which entices people to make more purchases on your website.

2. Start a Pinterest Profile

Pinterest is all visuals, and if you have high-quality, useful visuals, you’ll fit right in. Brand your Pinterest page so that your images stand out above the rest and are linked directly back to your small business.

3. Use Graphs and Charts to Visualize Data

Lists of numbers and statistics have their place, but when it comes to attracting customers and communicating data in a way that they can understand and identify with, charts and graphs reign supreme. These can be displayed in blog posts or on social media to garner more shares and attention.

4. Say More with Less

Now that attention spans are becoming shorter (eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish), it’s important to grab your audience immediately by saying a lot in a short amount of time. Visuals can do just that.

5. Enhance Presentations

The next time you’re in a business meeting or at a trade show, and you need to make a good impression on a potential client or customer, don’t forget to add some high quality visuals to the slideshow. It creates far better understanding and engagement than simple text and talk alone.

6. Induce Emotions

Visuals stimulate emotions in their viewers, particularly when filters and editing are used. For example, high-quality videos of food make viewers feel hungry, while a photo of an injured puppy will make viewers feel sad and compelled to action. These emotions can be used to your advantage in gaining customers and retaining them.

7. Use Text Overlays

Much of the social world calls photos with text overlays “memes.” These are one of the best ways to evoke emotion – whether that’s laughter, sadness, or inspiration. It’s also a great way to connect the image with your brand and encourage support. For example, you could post a photo relevant to a certain cause with a catchy hashtag and your logo underneath.

8. Spread Branding

Consumers are much more likely to commit your logo to memory if it’s accompanied by an image. It’s easier for the brain to process and retain that information, which puts the ball in your court. The more these visuals are spread across the web, the more consumers will recognize and trust your brand.

9. Join the Social Video Movement

Anyone who has been on Facebook over the last few months has probably seen the viral food videos that have recently permeated the network. There are also video clips of funny pranks, crazy accidents, late night talk shows, and more. Videos are everywhere, and consumers love them. It would be in your best interest to join the movement and engage your customers.

10. Go Viral

The most important thing to remember about visuals is that they can go viral faster than any other form of media. It goes without saying that viral videos will bring plenty of attention to your brand and website. It’s nearly impossible for a small business to escape growth of momentous proportions when their content goes viral – be prepared!

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