10 Worst Reasons to Start a Tech Company

September 30, 2011

12:30 pm

There’s a right reason and a wrong reason for everything.  For instance, watching Jersey Shore because you can’t afford to go to finishing school is not the right reason – unless you hold the show up as a lesson in what not to be, wear, say, or do.

Some people decide to become startup entrepreneurs because they want to be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg.  Others do it for more noble reasons – to be satisfied in life or to make a difference.

Fame and fortune aren’t the best reasons to start walking the startup tightrope, so I thought I’d share the 10 worse reasons to put your life on hold in order to be the next featured interview on Tech Cocktail.

1. You want to get back at your mom who always wanted a doctor in the family.
2. You love Ramen Noodles so much that you want no income as a way to ensure the 10 cent soup is a staple of your daily diet.
3. You’re antisocial, hate people, and think working every weekend is a great way to ensure you don’t have a social life.
4. You’re an insomniac, and since you’re going to be up at 3 AM anyway, you might as well get some work done.
5. You hate barbers, and you know that when you make it, you will be so rich that no one will say anything about your do-it-yourself hair cut.
6. You want to make enough money so that you can blow 50% of it running for office in California while the press digs up all the skeletons in your closet. (Hint, if this is true, get an early start and hire an illegal alien as a housekeeper).
7. You hate family gatherings, and you know that after burning through your friends-and-family funding, you won’t have to sit next to explain to Uncle Bernie for the zillionth time that Al Gore did not invent the Internet.
8. Begging doesn’t bother you, although standing on a street corner with a “Will Code for Food” sign is undignified. You’d rather get down on your knees and beg a smug, freshly minted Wharton MBA and VC gatekeeper for access to his leader.
9. You treated a boyfriend/girlfriend bad in college and you’re hoping that after Hollywood makes a Social Network-like movie about you, that he/she will look you up.
10. You want your phone to ring so bad that even debt collector calls make you happy.

There’s a lot of people who want to be successful startup founders because they think they’ll get to write for Tech Cocktail.  Take it from a guy who writes for Tech Cocktail: success is not a requirement.

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Glen Hellman (@glehel), is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and works for venture capitalists as a turn-around specialist. He is the Chief Entrepreneureator at Driven Forward LLC, frequently muses on his blog, Forward Thinking, and works with entrepreneurs to help them figure out what to do and get them to do it.

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