Get Your Green On: The 12 Apps You Need to Dominate St. Patrick’s Day

March 16, 2012

11:00 am

If there was ever any doubt that St. Patrick’s Day is about more than drinking beer, the apps we uncovered will clear that silly idea up – fast.  Though it’s officially a cultural and religious holiday in Ireland, in the U.S. it’s about partying and parades.

Interesting trivia: St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in Argentina, Switzerland, and South Korea, and the shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade takes place in Dripsey, Cork – it is 100 yards long and – wait for it – begins at one village pub and ends at another.  Thank you Wikipedia.

Here are 12 apps that will help you make the most of your St. Patrick’s Day celebration:

Drinking apps:

BreathalEyes: This blood alcohol calculator app scans your eye and tells you how much you’ve had to drink.

Happy Hours: Find food and drink specials going on at pubs close to your current location.

BeerGivr: If you’re having a hard time connecting with all your friends tomorrow, use this app to send them a beer.

Bartab: Send $1 drink credits via your Facebook friends, email or phone number to partner venues around the country.

Don’t-lose-your-phone app:

MyZOMM: This app will flash, vibrate or even sound an alarm if you walk away from your phone, keys, wallet, etc.

Designated-driver app:

iBeer: Choose your favorite type of beer, and your phone appears to fill right up, and by tilting your phone back you can “drink” it!

Game app:

St. Patrick’s Day Coin Toss: Use this live wallpaper to entertain yourself while waiting at the bar for your beer order.  The goal is simple: make the gold coin fall into the treasure pot.

Don’t-embarrass-yourself-on-social-media app:

Webroots Sobriety Test: Drunk status-updating is far worse than drunk dialing – what you post is out there for everyone to see.  And of course what is funny at 1am is not funny the next morning at 9am.  This app makes you pass a sobriety test before letting you post away on social media.

Finding-a-way-home apps:

WHAXI: This app finds your location and sends it to multiple cab companies in your area to help you get a cab and get home safely.

Uber: Of course, if you want to go home in style, you can use Uber to request a ride home in a shiny black car.

Culture-focused apps:

Irish & Celtic Music: Add some Irish-themed tunes to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration that taps into a podcast produced by Celtic musician Marc Gunn.

Collins Pocket Irish Dictionary: With approximately 47,000 references and 69,500 translations, there are a zillion ways to wish your friends, strangers, bartenders, your taxi driver, etc. a happy holiday.

Have fun tomorrow – and stay safe!

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