Introducing 13 Awesome Startups That Launched This Week

February 25, 2011

6:32 pm

At the LAUNCH Conference in San Francisco, California yesterday, 13 winners in 3 categories were announced, and we were so intrigued by so many of these companies’ products and services, we just had to share them with you.

Most Likely to Be Acquired in the Next 100 Days: Shoefitr
I’m sure Zappos/Amazon will take a close look at this company, because they make online shoe shopping a lot easier.  Tell Shoefitr what shoe you are considering buying and the size and model of the shoe you currently wear, and it will tell you what size to buy.

Launch Pad

Launch Pad winners demo’d at the conference.

Best Design:
Looking for an easy way to permanently publish content online? Enter, an elegant new publishing tool that allows you to create a page, publish it online, and easily share it.  You can quickly and easily publish all sorts of things, from essays, to event announcements, to code, to eBooks, and more.

Best Technology: Fluid Info
Programmers, coders, and software and app developers will love how easy it is to share information with Fluid Info.  Their online information storage and search platform supports shared openly-writable metadata of any type and about anything, provides modern writable APIs, and allows data to be branded with domain names.

Best Business: Nandi Mobile
Ghana-based Nandi Mobile, Ltd., turns customer support and marketing into mobile-friendly applications with their two services.  Gripeline allows customers to send feedback, comments, and questions via their mobile phones, and Infoline allows companies to provide marketing and business information in a mobile-friendly format.

Best Overall: Green Goose
GreenGoose’s lifestyle tracking device makes sticking to chores (perfect for your kids!) and healthy new habits fun and easy.  Wireless sensors that you stick on your toothbrush, water bottle, or dog leash transmit data to an egg-shaped transmitter.  The transmitter then analyzes your activity so you can track your progress.

Launch 2.0

Launch 2.0 winners are existing companies that are launching new products or significantly revised existing products.

Best Technology: Disconnect
Online privacy takes a step forward with Disconnect.  Their browser plug-in stops major third parties and search engines from tracking the webpages you visit and searches you conduct.  Right now it’s compatible with Chrome, RockMelt, and Safari.

Best Design: Hipmunk
Hate searching for flights online?  Try Hipmunk.  They have greatly improved flight searching, browsing, and filtering to make online flight searches easier and faster.

Best Overall: Stack Overflow
If you’re a programmer, check out Stack Overflow from Fog Creek Software’s founder Joel Spolsky.  It’s a free programming Q&A site that’s collaboratively built and maintained by other programmers.

Launch 1.0

Launch 1.0 winners represent brand new companies that are still in closed alpha or beta.

Best Presentation: LifeProof Cases
Protect your mobile device from water, dirt, snow, and shock with cases from LifeProof.  Their offerings are currently limited to iPhones and the iPad, but if you carry your phone with you everywhere, this is a great way to keep it safe and sound.

Best Business Model: Volta
So new their website is still under construction, Volta provides an A/B testing framework for live, outbound phone calls to help your call center operate efficiently. The system makes calling the right people, at the right time, a “plug-and-play enterprise for your business”.

Best Design: Cabana
If you’ve got a great idea for an app but lack the budget and programming expertise needed to create it, head on over to Cabana.  Use their drag and drop feature to build your app and pay for only the pieces you use.  When you’re done, you can publish it to iPhone, Android, or as a web app.

Best Technology: NeuAer
NeuAer’s open source ToothTag app allows you to customize your Android to do smart things from nearly any wireless device.  For instance, when known “tagged” objects get close to or move away from you, you can trigger an alert.  When you park your car, you can drop a pin on a virtual map.  If you travel or out of the office a lot, you can forward calls to your office or mobile phone depending on where you are.  Possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Best Overall: Room 77
Room 77 has mapped every floor in a given hotel in order to offer you room recommendations that match your preferences.  You can explore hotel floor maps to ensure you’re getting the room you’ll like the most, and if you disagree with their room ratings, they want to know.  You can also share hot tips, room rate info, and upload photos to improve their database.

While the LAUNCH Conference may be over you still have a chance to express your opinion about these 13 startups. Take our quick poll and let us know which startup you liked the best and should have won best overall.

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