13 Halloween Tech Costumes That Are Winning Everything

October 31, 2013

3:00 pm

Last-minute Halloween tech-startupy costume idea #011011110110111001100101: angel investor. Find a pair of angel wings and a halo, put on a suit, and carry around some fake money. No? Ugh – fine, I’ll keep working on the idea.

While that idea for a costume isn’t exactly groundbreaking, many other people on the Internet seem to have a better grasp of this pull-creativity-out-of-nowhere concept. I spent some time and found 13 (because…Halloween) of the geekiest techie costumes that could hopefully inspire you to pull something together for tonight and this weekend. Check out all of these people who are totally winning at Halloween.

1. This Twitter Stream Featuring Diarrhea (Presumably)

Source: Flickr / radaly

2. This Collective of Steve Jobs

Source: Flickr / gschmoll

3. This Reddit Alien Who’s Important Enough to Carry Stuff

Source: Flickr / mrefghi

4. This Cross-Generational Couple That Will Never Work

Source: Reddit / iemf

5. This Literal Snapchat Ghost

Source: Flickr / ramseymohsen

6. These Giant Functional iPhones

Source: Flickr / guyphones

7. This Facebook User Who Probably Has a Charmander

Source: Flickr / dtjaaaam


Source: Flickr / garycruz

9. This Desktop Going Through an Existential Crisis

Source: Flickr / cgancos

10. This Octocat Having Way Too Much Fun

Source: Flickr / westcoastlogic

11. These Time Travelers

Source: Reddit / rigabamboo

12. This Cute Android Couple

Source: Flickr / nintastic

13. And This Programmer Who’d Rather Be Hacking

Source: Flickr / slworking

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