Our 14 Favorite April Fools’ Pranks from the Internet

April 1, 2015

6:12 pm

While April Fools’ Day isn’t exactly a holiday, I consider it as one of my favorite days of the year. Once upon a time, it was a day dedicated to childish pranks and silly gags, but it has now evolved into a dominating incendiary for viral Internet content; April Fools’ Day has evolved into an opportunity for those on the Internet to prank the millions of others online. With so many companies and websites now churning out April Fools’ pranks, it was hard to decide which ones we loved best…but we did. Check out our favorite 2015 April Fools’ pranks from the Internet.

Pac-Man in Google Maps

google-maps-pacmanGoogle Maps killed it again this year. Remember last year’s Pokemon journey? By simply going to Google Maps and clicking the Pac-Man layout on the bottom-left, you can play Pac-Man right on the map.


uberlionsI mean who doesn’t want to hang out with Simba? Uber has partnered with Nat Geo Wild to provide consumers with on-demand lion cubs. Go into your Uber app and request some real lions today!

Tinder for Uber

Tinder for Uber

We’ve all had at least one really hot Uber driver. Tinder for Uber will match you with an Uber driver. #ThingsWeWouldActuallyUse

CERN Confirms: The Force Exists

light-sabreThe physicists and engineers at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, even got involved in the April Fools’ Day shenanigans. They announced earlier today that the Force does indeed exist.

Redbox Petbox

Redbox PetboxA Redbox just for your pet – with movies curated just for them.

Microsoft Lumia’s MS-DOS Mobile

Microsoft is taking us back to the 1980s. All about that BASIC, am I right?

Hulu Pets

Similar to Redbox Petbox, but actually went ahead and created some original programming for pets. Check out The Real Pugs of Portland above.

LinkedIn’s Magic Mirror

MagicMirror-UI-1024x710By uploading a new profile picture and hitting the “magic” wand icon, LinkedIn will reveal to you your secret career goals. It will then provide you with a new profile picture featuring you in your desired career.

Bing’s Palm Search

APPROVED Bing will play into the April Fool's tradition by creating a special 'Palm Search' homepageIf you thought voice search was innovative, then you clearly haven’t yet heard of Bing’s Palm search technology. Simply visit the Bing homepage on your PC, laptop, and tablet; place your hand on the screen; and then just think about what it is you want to search for.

KINDLR Book Dating App

goodreads-kindlrGoodreads created KINDLR, a dating app that will match you with people based on your book choice. (I wish this were real).

Hinge for Toddlers

The dating app has created an app for play-dating. Hinge for kids between the ages 2- and 5-years-old. (Dear God please watch the video – it’s way too adorable).

Funny or Die’s Dips App

In the world of Vine and Periscope, consumers now access to Dips, a platform that allows users to create exactly 1.5 seconds of video content. Funny or Die even got Mark Cuban involved. You can also watch various celebrities create Dips (like Jennifer Lawrence).

Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge

만우절_mainThe Samsung Galaxy BLADE Edge has all the features of the Galaxy S6, but it can also serve as chef’s knife.

Selfie Shoes

Brought by Miz Mooz, it’s a hands-free way to take a selfie. Drop the selfie stick and grab a pair of Selfie Shoes.

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