14 Startups to Help You Survive the Winter Holiday Season

December 18, 2014

11:00 am

The winter holiday season is always stressful: from the weather to the wide expanse of time surrounded by family, really there’s no reprieve around this time of the year. I mean, come on, Christmas shopping? What the hell? When did we come up with these things? Is this historical account accurate? Do I blame Santa? Should I blame Santa? Ugh, whatever the deal, we all have to experience winter’s pains every year. Thankfully, we’re in the age of some great technology, and I’ve managed to find some that could help us survive the winter holiday season.

Here are 14 Startups to Help You Survive the Winter Holiday Season:


(via Canopy)

Shopping for Christmas gifts is already stressful for what it is; Canopy helps solve this by curating products into different categories. What’s great is that it only curates some of the best products from Amazon (not the crappy ones that people aren’t likely to buy), making it more likely for people to actually like the gifts you buy them.


(via Christmas.am)

Similar to Canopy, but built specifically for Christmas. Provides a really great compilation of the best gifts available to purchase on Amazon, sorted by various categories. From “In It to Win It” (men’s apparel that’s built to last long – you know, for guys that probably don’t shop often and need long-lasting clothes) to “In the Details” (a collection of gifts that’s perfect for the designers in your social circle).


Just because it’s cold out, that doesn’t mean your outfits should suffer. Cloth allows you to post your outfits and check out what else people from around the world are wearing. The app allows you to search for ideas per weather and season. Additionally, if you run the app using iOS 8, you get notified on the best looks for the day based on the current weather conditions.


(via Dirtball)

The company has created “The 50” jacket, a new kind of winter jacket made from 100 percent recycled water bottles.


Going to your grandmother’s house may subject you to some crappy Internet, so you can grab yourself some reliable connection with Karma’s portable Wi-Fi device. The device gives you access to 4G LTE.


(via Lumoid)

So freaking cool. If you or someone you know is considering buying new tech gear, Lumoid allows you to test drive devices – from wearable devices to electronic toys – for around 10 dollars day. The even better part: the money you spend renting out devices goes toward the purchase of the item if indeed you decide to make the purchase.


(via Mynxx)

Mynxx are removable accessories for women’s shoes that turn everyday shoes into winter weather gear that will prevent you from sliding down icy sidewalks.


(via Outlier)

Stay dressy and warm. Outlier creates dress pants that are not only water-resistant, but feel as comfy as sweats. Seriously fantastic.


(via Parcel)

They’re only available in NYC, but if you’re lucky enough to live in the city, then take advantage of Parcel. The company facilitates off-hours package delivers in the city – perfect for people who don’t have doormen (i.e., me). Don’t miss another Amazon delivery!


Avoid the stresses associated with parking bot pre- and post-winter holidays season with ParkWhiz. Through ParkWhiz, you can book a guaranteed parking spot ahead of time through their online marketplace. Check to see if it’s available in your city (note: it’s a fairly long list).


(via Priv)

I finally got a haircut yesterday (after going more than three weeks without one), but that’s not for lack of desire: I’ve just been super lazy…and it’s cold outside. PRIV offers an app that brings professional services right to your door on demand (like hair services…).


The winter holiday season is replete with long-distance calls, which can be super expensive. Ringo is an app that allows you to make low-cost international calls without an Internet connection.


(via Threadflip)

We are all broke, and this cannot be more true than during the holiday season. Threadflip offers a social marketplace for buying and selling women’s clothes at really low prices.


(via Wantering)

A one-stop shop for buying your Christmas gifts. Wantering allows you to shop top boutiques and major retailers all on one platform.



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