The 14 Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Engagement

September 22, 2017

10:50 am

Starting a Facebook page is simple. But growing it, for many marketers, seems nearly impossible. Facebook has stopped prioritizing total Facebook page engagement in order to focus on retaining easily-distracted users, and the end result is stagnant pages for publishers everywhere.

As a matter of fact, engagement has dropped an impressive 70 percent just since the start of 2017, a BuzzSumo analysis has found. But, to misquote a famous movie, marketing finds a way. The list of best practices has evolved to match the leaner era of Facebook page engagement, and the Buffer blog has recently collected all the top tips and practices in a blog post.

The Tips

You’ll need to click through to the post to read the full explanation for how each tip is best employed, but most of them are self-explanatory. Here’s the quick version of how to keep your page buzzing:

Post less
Post when your fans are online
Create specifically for Facebook
Try videos
Go live
Share curated content
Ask for opinions
Boost your top posts
Recycle your top posts
Watch other Facebook Pages
Experiment with new content
Reply comments
Host giveaways (occasionally)
Create a linked Facebook Group

Some of the tips will be old news to many — of course creating content specifically for Facebook will get you better engagement on Facebook and of course you should experiment with new content to see what works — but some are counterintuitive. Posting less? Recycling posts?

Less Is More

Your Facebook page engagement will improve once you focus on doing more with less: Passionate, niche communities that can punch outside their weight class will do better on Facebook moving forward. The writing has been on the wall for a while — as this post about dropping Facebook engagement in the early months of 2017 hints — but the fact that the marketing advice has pivoted to recommending fewer posts and a stronger focus on the best content is the hard evidence we need.

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