1776 DC’s LA Challenge Cup Winners and Event Recap

December 5, 2013

2:53 pm

The phenomenal Cross Campus LA coworking space was the stage for one of the stops on 1776 DC’s Challenge Cup tour, which has partnered with Tech Cocktail. The LA Challenge Cup brought in 17 startups from around the Southern California region to compete in the four categories of education, energy, health, and smart cities.

Throughout the course of their Challenge Cup tour, 1776 DC will be stopping off at 16 different cities, 8 domestic and 8 international, rounding up a crop of competitors to participate in a final startup pitch: similar to Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate. The winning startups from the local tours will each get a fully paid week-long trip to DC to compete for the crown.

Throughout the course of their trip, these startups will have opportunities to speak with political and corporate individuals to get advice about investments and building a future for their company. The Challenge Cup tour is a massive effort to mobilize the DC startup scene to affect change on a global scale.

Los Angeles was the sixth city out of 16 on the tour, and it is the first event that 1776 DC has ever hosted in the city of Angels. The four winning startups that get to go to DC are:


SmartestK12: This web app developed by a previous Teach for America teacher is dedicated to making life easier for teachers across three fields: aligned common core state standards, displaying student assessment results, and time saving. Students get the chance to interact with assignments like never before as teachers collect performance data in real-time.


Enervee: A platform for energy smart shopping, Enervee is out to prove that optimizing energy efficient products and appliances really matters. They pull in hundreds of thousands of product offers from all over and build a picture of energy efficiencies based on a 0 to 100 scale to help guide your purchases.


Neural Analytics: A non-invasive device for diagnosing head trauma in the field. Seeking to update current medical methods of diagnosing head trauma like CT Scanners and Intraventricular Catheters, Neural Analytics has built an accurate tool for all first responders that is the size of an iPad.

Smart Cities

Bishop Peak Technology: The transit vehicle tracking platform that enables transit agencies to track data about their fleets. Whether it’s gas usage, location, or route adherence, Bishop Peak has developed their software to integrate with any domestic travel agency’s existing platform.

Challenge Cup Winners

The other startups to present in each category were:


  • PlayTiki: PlayTiki simulates a live auditorium experience on any website. Users can raise their hands, virtually, and ask questions to engage in conversations with speakers right away via video chatting.
  • CreatorUp: Built by a USC film school graduate, CreatorUp brings the education that film school can provide to the online sphere at a fair price. Typical film education is expensive, but the team behind the startup believes that learning video is just as important as reading and writing.
  • TallySpace: 135,000 schools in the US are holding elections for various positions like student council. The problem, as they have identified, is that ballots are too slow. To that end they have created a platform for kids to text their votes in for the elections.
  • Teekr: This startup is seeking to bring the success of the Kumon program to the iPad. The common core math application provides a structured and moderated approach to help students learn the basics of math.


  • Cuipo: Every product purchased from Cuipo saves one square meter of the rainforest in Brazil or Panama. They also provide business metrics for their partner companies, like Sigg and Pac Sun, to target specific demographics that care about both their products and the environment.
  • EnKinta Energy: This technology company is working to harvest energy and power darker places of the world with it. They are working heavily with the US railway system and will soon provide the first self-powered railway sensor.
  • greenWavelength: This startup has a vision of new products for more sustainable and lower cost wind turbines as well as other clean energy sources. They draw most, if not all, of their product ideas from nature and the animals that inhabit our world.


  • Cureia Medical: An open table for healthcare and emergency room visitors that allows people with non-emergency situations to book reservations at emergency rooms. This drastically cuts down on patient backup, but it also provides health centers and emergency rooms raw data about their patients.
  • SupraMed: A platform by surgeons for surgeons, SupraMed’s software helps manage offices and patients. The vast majority of physician software is designed for run-of-the-mill family practices and not specialty surgeons.
  • True Moon: Straying from pesticides, chlorine, and dioxides, True Moon is one of the front runners in the tampon market. They focus on taking the chemicals away from one of the most absorbent parts of the human body and replacing it with organic cotton.
  • SandalbayLife: They bring together the countless wearable health sensors that people wear on a daily basis. Through the software app, people have access to what is going on with their body at any given moment and can get more detailed information when they take it to a doctor.

Smart Cities

  • Causora: A platform to reward charitable donations; for every dollar amount you donate, you get an equal amount in gift cards. The one for one platform helps charities reach new donor bases, users get rewarded for their efforts, and merchants bring in guaranteed new customers for a small fee.
  • Wigot: An acronym for ‘what is going on tonight,’ Wigot helps people avoid the hassle of checking across various social networks and websites to figure out what is happening in their neck of the woods. All the daily happenings are centered on your location.

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