18 Times Ben Parr Caught Our Attention on Twitter

April 7, 2015

3:42 pm

On Wednesday, April 8, we’re holding a Tech Cocktail D.C. Sessions event featuring Captivology author Ben Parr and Khorus CEO Joel Trammell. Join us tomorrow night at Highline RxR in Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

A trained journalist – having previously served as Co-Editor and Editor-at-Large at Mashable, as well as columnist at CNET – Ben Parr has a lot to say about a lot of things in tech. Apropos, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s an active Twitter user, sharing his thoughts on all the various trends and issues affecting the industry. Looking through this Twitter feed, it wouldn’t take you long to find one that catches your attention; we recently looked through his feed and found 18 tweets that really caught our attention.

Last month, Parr published his first book Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, which looks specifically at catching this kind of attention. Captivology explores the science behind attention, and how you can utilize that knowledge to get people to focus on you in the midst of today’s overstimulated and over-distracted world. On Wednesday, April 8, Parr will join us at Tech Cocktail’s D.C. Sessions event, where he’ll discuss some of the things he writes in the book. Make sure to grab a ticket now! Until then, check out some of Parr’s tweets that grabbed our attention.

When He Delivered Some #RealTalk

ben-parr-1When The Interview Changed the Global Ethos Surrounding the Holidays

ben-parr-2When He Put Tricks in Their Place

ben-parr-tweet-3When He Paraphrased Apple’s Tim Cook

ben-parr-tweet-4When He Opined on What We Were All Thinking

ben-parr-tweet-5When He Questioned the Definition of “Startup”

ben-parr-tweet-6When He Shared This Problem

ben-parr-tweet-7When He Got Hit Upppp

ben-parr-tweet-8When He Shared Some Realness on Founder Health

ben-parr-tweet-9When He Brought Up His Problem Again

ben-parr-tweet-11When He Shared This Method for Empowering Women in Tech

ben-parr-tweet-12When He Conveyed the Internet’s Obsession with April Fools

ben-parr-tweet-13When He Gave This Relationship Advice


ben-parr-tweet-15When He and Guy Kawasaki Posed for a Stock Photo

ben-parr-tweet-16When Stephen Colbert Convinced Us to Buy Captivology

ben-parr-tweet-17When He Expressed the Collective Thoughts of Everyone in the World




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