2 Startups Strategize With Max Ventilla of Aardvark at Lean Startup Circle

February 22, 2011

6:40 pm

Video from first part of event (intro and startup presentations):

Video from second part of event (interview with Max Ventilla):

February’s Speakers: Max Ventilla of Aardvark, Sean Gorman of FortiusOne and Sean Murphy of CloudSpree

DC Lean Startup Circle

Kevin Dewalt, Patrick Smith and Steph Hay have organized another great event and now we get to broadcast it to everyone who can’t make it in person. See video above. Follow the DC Lean Startup Circle here.

We’re thrilled to welcome Aardvark‘s Max Ventilla as our expert in February. He’ll be providing insight and feedback to two local startups, FortiusOne with Sean Gorman, and CloudSpree with Sean Murphy.

The Expert
Wondering if LeanStartup tactics actually work in practice? Ask Max Ventilla of Aardvark. With Eric Ries as an advisor, Aardvark learned and pivoted their way to a $5M series A round and successful acquisition by Google in 2010. After presenting their successful strategy at the Startup Lessons Learned Conference, the Wall Street Journal praised them for so quickly identifying a market need.

Max will be joining us via Skype to talk strategy with you and the two presenters, Sean Gorman of FortiusOne and Sean Murphy of Cloudspree.

The Startups
Sean Gorman of FortiusOne will join us to discuss how he’s leveraged government resources to catapult his commercial business. He’ll talk about:

  • The lessons FortiusOne has learned managing government and commercial work;
  • How he’s created positive externalities to blend both government and commercial; and
  • Why government opportunities can be a great boot strapping resource to help you create your commercial business more efficiently.

Sean Murphy of Cloudspree will talk about their second Minimum Viable Product, mapfreeduce.com, which they’re about to launch after learning a great deal from their experiences with cloudspree.com. Specifically, he’ll talk about how (and why) MapFreeduce:

  • Represents a pivot from CloudSpree;
  • Leverages previously developed technology;
  • Targets an active growing vertical within this market; and
  • Focuses on engaging their potential user community as often as possible.

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