20 Damn Good Reasons to Attend Tech Cocktail Celebrate: #18 – Uncover the Nation’s Hottest Startup

June 25, 2013

11:00 am

This post is part of an ongoing series, Tech Cocktail’s “20 Damn Good Reasons to Attend Tech Cocktail Celebrate“, our national startup competition on October 23 – 25, held in Downtown Las Vegas.  Check back each Tuesday as we feature a new reason to attend Tech Cocktail Celebrate.

Tech Cocktail has traveled far and wide in hopes of discovering up-and-coming startups not receiving the attention they deserve.  Over the last few years, we’ve traveled to Austin, Baltimore, Barcelona, Bloomington, Boise, Boston, Boulder, Champaign, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, DC, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco and Vancouver, shining a spotlight and creating a platform for startup communities mix, mingle and grow.

More recently, we’ve introduced a competitive element to the events by announcing the hottest startups from each city’s respective Tech Cocktail Mixer.  Through the reader’s choice poll and a live, in-person SMS poll, the people elect their favorite startups amongst the group (one for each category).  Winners earn the bragging rights of being recognized as their city’s hottest showcasing startup. And that’s where it left off.

Until now…

Tech Cocktail Celebrate is a culmination of regional competitions into one massive national showcase.  Startups from all across the country get the chance to compete on a level playing field for the shot to be known as the NATION’s Hottest Showcasing Startup.  Companies from Kansas City to New York City, Silicon Valley to The Silicon Prairie, DC, Denver, and Dallas, will all get the chance to walk away the winner, and along with it, the highly coveted Tech Cocktail Chalice.

How startups are selected:

Those who win their city’s reader’s choice poll or best pitch receive invitation to demo in the startup pit at Tech Cocktail Celebrate.  Of the winning startups from 2013, Tech Cocktail will select 20 companies to pitch on stage, based on a variety of criteria.  An additional five startups will be selected by Tech Cocktail from the greater pool of all the companies that have showcased at our events. Lastly, one company will be selected from the demopit by at the Tech Cocktail Celebrate attendees.

For startups who still want to get in the mix, Tech Cocktail is still very actively touring the country.  Apply to showcase at your local Mixer and take home your city’s title for Hottest Showcasing Startup for a chance to compete.

So on October 23, 24, and 25, join us in Downtown Las Vegas as we unveil the hottest showcasing startup in the nation.  And in case that isn’t enticing enough, here are…

More Reasons to attend Tech Cocktail Celebrate.

Reason #20: Life is Beautiful – Music

Reason #19: Visit Downtown Las Vegas

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