20 Perks to Make Your Startup More Attractive to Potential Hires

September 20, 2013

1:00 pm

Perks play an important role for any company, whether that company is a small startup or a major league player. Aside from enticing potential new hires, perks vastly improve both the company culture and the mental and physical well-being of the current employees.

Smaller startups sometimes do not have the budgets that giants like Facebook and Google have to offer insanely awesome office space and perks. Thus, they can become entrenched and fixated on perks that are industry standard and within the reach of tight budgets.

Telecommuting, catered lunches, paid conference visits, and life coaching are worth considering, but startups need to remember that there is a whole world of creative perks they can offer employees. The 20 perks listed here, taken from various startups, are great ideas that can build team chemistry, attract new hires, and will not break the bank.

Always remember that even if your company is small, you can still pack a big punch when it comes to epic perks. Consider trying some of these perks to make your startup more attractive to potential new hires.

  • Provide world travel stipends – Airbnb
  • Offer in-house yoga classes – Asana
  • Provide office setup budgets for new employees – Asana
  • Plan annual team trips – Bread
  • Have the most recent new hires create personalized welcome kits for brand new hires – Commerce Sciences
  • Offer the option for a dog-friendly office space – DogVacay
  • Get together and live stream concerts – EVNTLIVE
  • Host poker nights at the office – Factual
  • Send staff to telecommute in exotic locations – Fresh Tilled Soil
  • Host office parties to help employees foster their inner mixologists – Handybook
  • Provide a stipend for living close to the office building – imo
  • Host a Fine Liquor Friday – Justin.tv
  • Consider moving to a beautiful and cheap foreign country – Maptia
  • Have employees invite their mom or dad to cook lunch with them at the office – OZ
  • Offer Amazon Book budgets – PaperG
  • Dictate mandatory vacation time on top of vacation time – Quirky
  • Host an employee awards ceremony – RockYou
  • Provide onsite massages – Scopely
  • Offer free music lessons – Softwire
  • Teach employees new languages – Voxy

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