What Could Dominant SEO Trends Look Like in 2016?

November 12, 2015

4:00 pm

Experts and analysts are of the opinion that 2015 has been a very interesting year for the SEO industry. For example, people witnessed the mobile friendly algorithm update by Google, which penalized websites that lagged behind the periphery of mobile friendly platforms. As we’re about to step into 2016, all eyes are on the New Year. Here’s what the future of SEO trends might look like in 2016:

Video content will replace written content

Although SEO experts always insist that content, if published in different forms, will have the best impact on the users, we still consider written content as the standard. Content in the written form is a baseline of sorts for most of the bigger brands with images, infographics, and videos supplementing. But in 2016, video content will outshine written content in terms of effectiveness, user engagement, and will be responsible for increasing overall ROI. B2C brands without daily video feeds will soon be lagging behind.

Mobile optimization will be more vital than desktop optimization

Despite the mobilegeddon algo update, desktop search has been the standard and basic form of search. But with the growing number of mobile users, Google recently announced that mobile optimization will soon become much more important than desktop optimization. This shift in SEO trends will start now and continue throughout 2016 and will eventually make mobile traffic far more important.

Social content will be promptly indexed by Google

Did you know that Google has deals with Twitter and Facebook? You can search for a news and you are most likely to see a tweet appear in your mobile search results. In the upcoming year, more and more social media platforms will become indexed like this. Social posts will carry a high value and it will be considered equivalent to any other independent web page. Social media marketing will become as important as ever and the distinction between web and social media will begin to blur.

Apps will become indexed

As we know, Google has been indexing apps for a while now. As a part of the shift of focus from desktops to mobiles, Google is predicting a future where apps might totally take over conventional websites both in functionality and popularity. Therefore, in 2016, deep links leading to apps will carry more meaning and will become equal to deep links on the web. If you still think that it doesn’t make much sense for your business, get your business listed on different apps on the web.

Local search may become more local

This trend was expected to take place in 2015, but now SEO analysts think that this trend will be exploding in 2016. With the introduction and release of wearable gadgets like the Apple Watch, the sophisticated local indexes of Google will lead to more particular kinds of local search. Instead of recognizing businesses with respect to their state or city or region, it will be identified according to a neighborhood or street corner.

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