Is 2016 the Year of Wearable Spy Tech?

January 20, 2016

5:00 pm

There is a growing appetite for personal surveillance equipment around the world. As our mobile phones have become more advanced machines, they have started to acquire all manner of special features like cameras and sound recording devices. This, when combined with the prevalence of tablets and easily transportable laptop computers that boast similar features, has meant that the general public has become increasingly adept at using these new technologies to their advantage. This much is apparent simply by going online and browsing social media. Among the endless selfies and your friend’s pointless vlog posts think, for example, about all those eye-catching videos that have been posted, having been taken by heroic members of the public, of crimes being recorded as they are committed. Think also about how Good Samaritans and social activists use their phone cameras to embarrass and scrutinise other members of the public when they use racist, sexist or homophobic language against perfect strangers on public transport.

When use of these technologies is combined with an ever-increasing intrusion of social media on our lives, the effects can be powerful. In his recent book So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson demonstrated how the exposure of misdemeanours on the internet can result in people losing their jobs, the respect of those close to them, and can even result in criminal conviction. For better or worse, people are starting to come to terms with how powerful personal surveillance technology can be.

Where exactly does wearable spy tech come into this?

Under these circumstances the spy camera, more often than not a phone mounted device, works as a conspicuous deterrent against violent, criminal or anti-social behavior. But there are many reasons why you might not want other people to know when you are filming. Filming someone as they behave aggressively towards another could be viewed as being a provocation as much as it might act as a deterrent. If you want to record events so that future conviction can be sought if necessary, but don’t want to aggravate the situation, then covert spyware is perfect. A nightclub bouncer or a bailiff might make especially good use of a hidden camera in this instance.


On a related point, many cyclists use hidden cameras these days because of mistreatment from other road users. The logic here is that, when people know they are being filmed, they tend to be on their best behavior. It is only when they think that that can get away with it that they repeatedly break the law and put the lives of cyclists at risk. In these cases incrimination and conviction of the perpetrators is the cyclist’s goal.

And of course there are many professions like private investigation and journalism where covert recording equipment has been an essential workplace tool for decades. There is a developing problem here, however. As people become increasingly sensitive to the new-found power that their phones, tablets and laptops provide them with, they also become more acutely aware of how that same technology might be used against them. Because of this, it is necessary for professionals in these sectors to stay ahead of the curve and to seek out more sophisticated and subtle forms of covert surveillance.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that the general public’s appetite for wearable spy tech is growing, and many companies have started to respond to this increased demand. As demand has gone up, the quality and sophistication of what is being offered has grown, too. And so, with all this in mind, 2016 could be the year to invest in the kind of gadgets once the preserve of thriller novels and 60s spy films.

Spy Tech

Popular Wearable Spy Tech in 2016

Here are some top picks from the world of personal spy gadgetry. They might be stylish, and they might be technologically sophisticated but, as hard as it might be to believe, the following are no longer the stuff of science fiction! No, unfortunately none of these spy glasses are x-ray specs. But they do come with high definition cameras, and audio recording equipment built in. There are plenty on the market so it should be easy to find a pair to suit your look.

The market is growing with top quality spy pens. These record both high resolution video and high quality audio and will do all this whilst making an elegant addition to your top pocket. When you’ve finished playing James Bond for the day, you can also use it to write your shopping list! The USB spy camera stick will fit in your pocket or on your keyring. In fact, there couldn’t be a more discreet and unassuming hidden camera than this. Its a relatively new and unique innovation and it happens to actually work as a USB stick, so there’s no chance of being rumbled!

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