Here Are 25 Essential Customer Service Skills [Infographic]

August 24, 2016

4:00 pm

If you’re a startup without a comprehensive customer service plan, you are leaving a lot of potential revenue at the door. Particularly for budding startups, a good customer service team can completely change the way your business is heading. After all, without customers, who is going to support your company? Many have noted the importance of a startup’s first 400 customers, and if they aren’t happy, you won’t be either.

The importance of having a customer service team is undeniable. Studies have shown that 66 percent of customers will spend more money with companies that provide quality service. In addition, 60 percent of customers have abandoned transactions because of a bad experience. Between abandoned transactions and limited spending, companies that don’t keep customers happy are leaving approximately $83 billion in revenue on the table.

However, having a customer service department is just the first step. Being able to take care of your customers the right way is more important than anything. If you’re team isn’t made up of honest experts, great listeners, and inherent leaders, your company could be in trouble in the customer department.

So how can your startup make customer service a priority? By making these 25 services skills a priority when teaching your team how to deal with customers. Because a startup without happy customers is doomed to fail.

25 Skills for Excellent Customer Service

Infographic: eyecandyinfographic


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