26 Countries Where an iPhone Is More Expensive Than In The US

May 23, 2016

3:08 pm

If you have an iPhone, you understand the fear that washes over you when it breaks. Not only is it incredibly difficult to get it fixed, but the insurance costs alone can thrust someone into bankruptcy. And while the high price tags in the US alarm many consumers, international prices appear to be a lot scarier.

Deutsche Bank just released their “Mapping the World’s Prices” report. This annual research study compiles a list of 20 common items and compares their prices from around the globe. Among these items was the iPhone, a staple of domestic and international mobile phone users. And the comparison was awfully favorable for American buyers.

This list is far from unnecessary. With 700 million iPhones sold worldwide and 101 million iPhone users in the US alone, the price of one of these technological marvels is of importance to everyone. Apple’s handle on the business is so strong that 94 percent of smartphone industry profits are actually going right into their pocket.

While checking out the prices below, be sure to keep in mind that these are the freshest rankings available. If we were to take a look at prices even a year ago, the numbers would be drastically different. For one, an iPhone in Brazil used to cost $1,200. Yes, that is a coma listed in the price of a smartphone. In addition to that change from 2015, a number of countries would not have even made the list, like Sweden, Italy and many others, as they did not offer pricing for this piece of popular technology.

This report is currently run by strategist Jim Reid, who currently authors the “Early Morning Reid” for Deutsche Bank. In reference to this list, Reid had one thing to say about iPhone prices across the globe.

“Don’t lose your phone while away in Brazil, India, Sweden, Denmark or Italy,” said Reid.

Check out the list below and see how your country ranks against global cities around the world:

  1. Brazil – $931
  2. Indonesia – $865
  3. Sweden – $796
  4. India – $784
  5. Italy – $766
  6. Denmark – $754
  7. Finland – $743
  8. Belgium – $732
  9. Netherlands – $732
  10. Spain – $732
  11. France – $732
  12. Germany – $727
  13. Australia – $707
  14. New Zealand – $697
  15. Russia – $695
  16. China – $693
  17. Canada – $692
  18. Malaysia – $691
  19. Mexico – $687
  20. Philippines – $682
  21. United Kingdom – $671
  22. Switzerland – $666
  23. Singapore – $661
  24. South Africa – $660
  25. Japan – $637
  26. Hong Kong – $604
  27. United States – $598

Photo: Flickr / Gonzalo Baeza

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