3 Email Handling Tips for Hillary Clinton

June 20, 2015

10:00 pm

Unless you’ve been avoiding the recent presidential campaigns, or simply refrain from anything political, you couldn’t keep your eyes and ears off one of the most bizarre controversies of 2015 – the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

For those whose might have missed this one, here’s a quick recap of the scandal details – last March the New York Times reported that throughout her time as Secretary of State, Clinton used her own private email server, rather than government-issued departmental ones. Although the former First Lady is not accused of wrongdoing or violating email prohibitions, the State Department would have to review more than 55,000 pages of Clinton’s emails, before they’d receive authorization to be released to the public. That kind of process would cost more than $1 million dollars of staff time if it extended to 2016.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to delete her private mail account or to be concerned of email tracking or hacking. That’s the kind of job her aides are hired to do. Nevertheless, she should consider brainstorming with her staff members on how to avoid this kind of mess for the future. One Clinton had enough scandals and controversies in the Oval Office. There’s no reason why the other one should go through the same route, and for such a trivial thing like an email account.

We’d like to throw a few tips for the former First Lady on how to take care of her emails.

Combining mail accounts:

If Mrs. Clinton has multiple email accounts and would prefer not to handle them all at once, then combining her mail accounts or using a clutter free inbox would be a convenient solution. Email apps like MailWise are there for that matter, taking care of the incoming mail load, as well as combining the private and presidential email accounts. Time will not be on her side as president, especially when reading emails from all over the world.


Refreshing security:

Almost half of the American population was hacked sometime between 2013 and 2014. Those are frightening numbers, and if Hillary Clinton were elected, she should better remember not to use her private mail account for those private chats with David Cameron or Angela Merkel about the next G7 summit. Furthermore, she should go through a crash course of cyber security with her staff. Even better – she wouldn’t have to go far, as her government has online tips for that. If the first female president would wish to read her emails on her smartphone when flying on Air Force One, then email security apps like Just Mail or Virtu should be taken into consideration.



Security strategy:

If the aforementioned governmental tip isn’t enough, then the potential next president should form a nationwide security strategy for emails. There are many online tips she can learn from, like these few, before going full strategy. In addition, the presidential budget should supply some resources for a better and strict email security, and purchase relevant products. The money’s there – all that’s needed is to hand out the check.

When Hillary Clinton thought about announcing her presidential campaign, she probably predicted multiple scenarios and reactions. One thing is certain – she never dreamt her announcement would be outweighed by a controversy regarding emails, of all things.

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