3 Fun Ways to Promote Your Brand IRL

May 26, 2016

8:00 pm

As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of time focusing your efforts on online marketing and creating content. While this is expected of most brands visible today, it’s still important to look for new opportunities offline as well – especially for local or brick and mortar-based business.

Promoting yourself doesn’t have to be all work. Here are the top three ways to promote your brand or business offline – and have fun while doing it.

Pizza Box Top Advertising

As local-based businesses experiment with new ways to generate revenue, new opportunities for additional exposure for your brand will also come up. One such example is through pizza box top advertising. This type of advertisement is based a sheet of paper with a bunch of coupons, advertisements or even a full menu being taped to the top of a pizza box. With thousands of pizzas being handed out weekly from any given location, this is a great way to reach new audiences while also bringing offline exposure to your logo and brand in the process. For best results, be sure to include a high-resolution image of your logo and make sure it’s colorful and stands out.

Custom Stickers and Car Decals

Stickers and car decals may be silly to some consumers, but they’re a convenient way to get your brand out to new customers. A great way to gain exposure for your brand or business is to have unique decals or customized bumper stickers created with your brand name or logo. Thanks to the power of the internet, the production costs and creation process of getting custom artwork and stickers created is much faster and cheaper than ever before.

Donating to Local Charities

Among the many benefits of donating to charity, but they can also be unconventional ways to get your product out to new customers. Not only will your money be going to a good cause, it may also lead to some additional exposure through sponsor placements and mentions on signs, booklets and much more.

The same holds true for big events and conferences – with the biggest sponsors having their name and logo displayed throughout the event. With new events happening all time, it’s worth your while to invest some time searching for these events and see how your brand might be able to benefit from contributing to the success of these events.

While the majority of consumers are obsessed with online connections, there are still plenty of reasons to focus energies on offline branding. Whether it’s for getting your brand out there, or contributing to the success of local events, that real-life engagement and experience of seeing something outside of the internet still makes a big impact amongst consumers.

Take the time to look for new opportunities to expand your reach and branding in the offline world, to set yourself apart from the competition.

Image Credit to Tran Mau Tri Tam / Stocksnap.


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