The Top 3 Awesome Non-Profit Tech Products for Children

February 28, 2017

11:20 am

People are starting to take a firmer and more active stance on social causes and the concept of helping those who are less fortunate. Of course, non-profit organisations are not immune from the evolution of our society, and many have ensured that they have moved alongside it to keep people interested.

Take a look for yourself and see some of the amazing things non-profits have created.

Kid Power

UNICEF Kid Power is amazing, innovative, and the first of its kind. Dubbed a Fitbit for kids, these bands encourage kids to stay active and keep moving while the wristband counts steps. However, the Kid Power band will provide a child in need with a therapeutic food packet for every step taken when using the device.

As a result, it can keep your child active and happy while also helping to make the world a better place. The companion app that synchronizes and displays all the results can be downloaded onto a mobile phone, and only one app is needed for the entire family. This helps to organize things a bit better. The bands are water resistant also, and double up as a watch, so children always know the time.

The app also has the option to take you on guided travels that work to teach the whole family about different cultures around the world, as well as the children that live within them. The organization even listed a few other fitness trackers in case you want other options.

Khushi Baby

Khushi Baby is a new form of wearables: It’s a mobile app for community health workers that links up to a digital necklace that is kept on the patient’s person. The records and data for that person are on the necklace and synchronized to the app using cloud technology. The information is displayed via an analytics dashboard where it can be reviewed by health officials.

Currently, it is in the early stages and so only used for infants and tracking their immunizations for the first two years after birth. At present, it is worn by the mother before she gives birth before being passed onto the child. It is being used in remote villages at this time to help keep track of child immunization to try and prevent the spread of diseases that can be vaccinated against and so are fully preventable.

The long term goal for this non-profit is to use the technology to reach larger populations of people who do not have as much medical access, but also to use it for adults who may need it.

Astronomy Without Borders

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) have a goal to bring the stars to children and give them the opportunity to learn about space as well as the universe. Telescopes do not come cheap, and so many children do not get the opportunity to explore the possibilities of astronomy. AWB plan to change that and allow children to explore the galaxy (and beyond) from an early age.

They have worked closely with Celestron to create a truly magnificent telescope. This one features a five-inch mirror, making it powerful enough to see the rings of Saturn as well as star clusters and nearby galaxies. One of the best features is that the telescope is also portable, so your child can take it with them just about anywhere.

Ordinarily, you would expect a hefty price tag on a telescope like this. However, AWB wants this kind of tech to be affordable, and so you will find it for a very reasonable $199. Plus, the majority of the profits go directly back to the non-profit, funding future research, tech, and also education.

Change the World

To be fair, anyone can just donate money to charity, nowadays with just a click of a button. Looking at the amazing tech and gadgets that non-profits have started producing, however, is absolutely mind blowing, and sure to help change the world for the better.

Social causes have always been important, but with the latest tech behind them, it might not be so hard to make a difference in the world.


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