3 Tech Startups Prove Miami is Not All Play

February 4, 2014

6:18 pm

As a Miami resident, there is nothing more upsetting than watching footage of Miami as portrayed on TV. Reel after reel of pretentious cars, fake tans, and string bikinis can really tarnish the image of this growing city. It truly devalues the Miami that locals grow to love.

Last week, this misconception surfaced once again with the unfortunate remarks made by Miami Beach Mayor, Phillip Levine. Entrepreneurs responded positively, taking advantage of the spotlight to showcase the innovative work they are doing. But is the mentality that the television inspires really the way that the locals view it? Whether they do or not, it is irrelevant: The truth is: Miami is taking hold of its so-called “strengths” and building a tech community around them.

First, we have Night Pro, a cloud-based app that helps operators of venues manage their nightclubs, one of Miami’s biggest attractions. It handles all nightlife operations such as table layouts, guest lists, reservations, and client history. Their software allows venue managers to feel full control of the nightly activity and provides them with the data to keep track of their traffic. If you make your way to nightclubs such as LIV or Space, you should take a break from all the mindless dancing and check out the technology that makes the table service so efficient.

Another Miami luxury is its unique year-round boating life. Boatyard is taking advantage of the many private boat-owners whose boats sit around unused for most of the year and giving them a reliable platform to offer their boats for rent. With an online membership, anyone can rent a boat without the hassle of owning one. They even provide hull protection, liability coverage, and the latest technology to protect against fraud.

To keep up with all of this movement happening in Miami, you have to look the part. Fitting Room Social, a Miami Beach-based startup, helps you do that. This exclusive social shopping app helps women find fashion that fits without actually having to go to the store. They believe that women can add value to each other and leverage the collective fashion savvy of their exclusive membership. By becoming a member, you can shop with confidence because each recommendation is customized and validated against the other members.

It truly inspires and excites the senses to see technology disrupting the entertainment and tourism space in Miami. And in a couple years, we should look forward to a Miami that is not just known for its nightclubs and beaches, but rather, a Miami that has built a thriving tech community around its luxuries.

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Carolina is a lifelong learner, passionate about building communities for tech startups, specifically in her hometown of Miami, FL. After graduating from the George Washington University with a Marketing degree and a minor in dance, she joined Teach for America as a first grade teacher. Since then, she has experience working for startups in Miami and has worked on various projects for early-stage startups in NYC as a student in Startup Institute. Follow her on Twitter: @caroolion.

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