3 Things That Drive User Engagement on Apps

September 14, 2015

9:00 pm

With a plethora of apps being available for download on several app stores, it often becomes difficult to choose your favorite ones. What are the reasons that an app becomes a favorite and users get so closely attached to it that it’s difficult to imagine their smartphone without it? Often, apps which make life easier are the ones that win the race.

So, how do you succeed? For an app entrepreneur, the question is: are they doing the basic things right? There are three primary reasons that drive user engagement on apsps.

1. The Purpose of a Particular App

The major reasons why any given app is discovered or downloaded are:

  • The user requires it;
  • The user came to know about it through word-of-mouth;
  • The user found it by mistake when browsing through the app store;
  • The app has become popular on news channels and social media sites; or
  • The users saw television ads related to the app.

As an app developer, you need to be able to ensure that you can offer these experiences to occur, so that the user’s attention is drawn towards your app and he discovers your app easily. An app which is promoted aptly will soon become popular and close to its users.

2. App’s Frequency of Use

An app developer should focus on the areas which help make the app a success even before it is launched. An app’s frequency of use relies on many factors which are vital in making it special for users. They are:

  • It allows the user to do some jobs easily;
  • They are easy to understand and use;
  • The app offers a flawless design;
  • Consistent experience across multiple platforms; and the
  • App content stays updated.

3. App Price and Reviews

One of the major factors that influences this decision is the price of the app i.e. whether it is free or not, followed by several other factors. Free trials allow the user to try the app before purchasing it while reviews have a major influence too. Though app description can be important, most users listen to what other users using the app have to say about it.

It’s easy to drive in user engagement if you get your basics right. A good thing to do is to take it one step at a time and ensure that you’re improving the user experience. While it’s important that the app has something worthwhile to offer for your target audience, you need to understand that you need to create a complete system that complements each and every aspect of the other.

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