3 Threats Affecting Big Data

September 19, 2015

6:00 pm

Big data is crucial to any organization since it contains private information which, if it gets into the wrong hands, could be used against the company, tarnishing its reputation. Due to the growing use of technology there have been increasing threats to data security. These threats have led to legal and reputational risks to organizations, firms, and even government agencies.

Data security threats are increasing due to the many breach points in organizations. If not well-monitored, this can be an opportunity for fraudsters to gain access to private data and use it to their own advantage. There are many security breach points, but the most common are listed below:

Unsecured internet

Transferring data through a wireless network poses a great risk to crucial data, bearing in mind that hackers write programs which are capable of intercepting logs and information passing over a network. Some of these applications utilize different operating system file names and are difficult to detect by virus detectors. These applications come in the form of viruses which attach themselves to data, and alters the data as planned by hackers.

Data transferred over unsecured wireless internet is also vulnerable to attack by malware. Antivirus software should always be updated so that they may detect and block harmful malware from gaining access to data.

Lack of proper security tools

It would be nearly impossible for companies to protect their data from security threats if effective tools were not available. Proper tools may include firewalls and high-tech secure file transfer. These tools allow people to send and receive large data sets without fear of its integrity, because data will be completely secure at every stage of the transfer process.

Human errors

Poor methods of information handling by employees may expose crucial information or documents which may get lost and go to the wrong hands. Employees might forget to sign out from a company’s site and expose important data while other untrustworthy employees may knowingly leak confidential information to those who seek to exploit it.


Data is an extremely important tool in any given organization, but due to the fact that it is very expensive and tiresome to work with data, many challenges occur while dealing with it. Some challenges need to be revisited continually to ensure that online information is well-secured, and to ensure smooth and secure information flow in an organization.

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