3 Ways Mobile Technology Has Revolutionized Old Industries

November 4, 2015

10:02 pm

New inventions and technological appliances don’t always create their own industries wherever they go; sometimes one can achieve no less impressive results by applying them in some age-old sphere of activity. Today we shall take a look at several examples of such synergy between the old and the new.


Inns and hotels have been in existence for so long that one would think it is hardly possible to improve them in any drastic way. Enter Oyo Rooms, a well-known network of branded hotels in India. Founded in 2012, it took the world of by the storm through the coordination of top-notch service and clever application of modern technology. Today, it operates in more than 120 Indian cities, all thanks to their approach to work. Namely, they are the first hotel network in the world to use a tablet-based property management app.

As a result, they have a network of budget hotels with strictly standardized quality of service, with a great deal of operations delegated to a specialized app. Clients can use it to book rooms, order room service and beverages, contact customer support and much more. In addition to that, Oyo Rooms makes use of a referral system – by referring your friends to the network you get Oyo Rooms cashbacks that can later be used to pay for your own bookings.


The market for healthcare-related apps speaks for itself: they appear by the hundred every day, and people don’t seem to be getting tired of them. Recent studies show that about 500 million mobile device owners use at least one healthcare-related app on a regular basis, and by the year 2018 this figure is likely to grow to at least 1.7 billion.

When utilized by professional healthcare facilities, this tendency is likely both to greatly improve the quality of service and cut back on time wasted both by patients and medical practitioners (which presently is still spent on handling medical data kept in analogue form, file update and delivery). Doctors can increase control they have over the proceedings by always having all the relevant information at hand and being able to contact patients at any time.

Transportation and Logistics

Travel and transportation is one of the industries that can benefit most from clever application of mobile technologies. After all, it requires perfect cooperation between people located far away from each other, careful storage and immediate extraction of millions of data pieces and has zero tolerance for mistakes. Mobile apps can improve it in a myriad big and little ways: from voice-based warehouse operations giving warehouse workers a crucial ability to keep both hands free for handling items to GPS logistics tracking allowing companies to track their vehicles and reroute them in emergency situations.

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