3 Ways to Build a Website & 1 Chance to Get It For Free

August 4, 2015

8:00 pm

We enter the brand new epoch, when a rapid leap in the technological development is observed. There are so many innovations being introduced, affecting the internet technologies field every year. Sometimes we just don’t keep up with all of them and discover the latest news only in a course of time.

Web design is not an exception. The emergence of tablets and touchscreen cell phones led to the gradual replacement of yet popular desktops and laptops as primary internet surfing devices. It goes without saying that this alternative certainly works. And we know the reasons why. Mobile devices are always, as the saying goes, near at hand. The ease of use requires minimum of efforts.

Вy reason of constantly increasing variety of new devices web designers faced one special and significant task. How to make a website work on the major breakpoints screen resolutions without losing the content? Here comes responsive design, which became the truly revolutionary solution one day.

A user leaves a website at once, if its mobile version does not properly respond. Want your website to be in trend and constantly attract more visitors? It has to be responsive. While choosing a responsive website design for your business, blog or community, you may probably notice a bunch of website builders, provided by the wide range of web developers and designers. Numerous website building tools are aimed to build entirely new website and be engaged in editing, considering the fact that you have no skills in programming and web design at all.

Let’s take look at three examples of user-friendly responsive website builders, offered by different providers. This post contains not only a detailed review, but special reward for those who will read it thoroughly.


Wix Website builder

Wix is considered to be one of the pioneers in the web development since 2006. It gained fine reputation throughout the years due to millions of grateful customers all over the world.

Being responsive, all website templates developed by Wix may be edited in the HTML editor. There are only two of three major breakpoints modes: Desktop and Mobile Editor. Play with design tools, including color, background or text alteration in the Desktop Editor mode. Here you are also able to add other different elements like media, galleries, social links, feed, icons etc. Not to mention the List Builder tool, allowing to create and manage any kind of list you want like news, services, prices and much more.

Wix App Market offers the great choice of free and premium tools related to marketing, social networks, blogs, forms, eCommerce etc. The list seems to be endless. Unfortunately, it is not available in the Mobile Editor mode as well as WixStores that is perfect for online store management if your website would be for commercial purposes.

On top of that Mobile Editor is really functionally restricted in comparison with its Desktop analogue. Another frustrating peculiarity is that all the transformations made in Mobile Editor does not affect the desktop website. But still it is possible to manage or hide text, images and buttons just by clicking them on the dashboard. If needed, add Back to Top Button for visitors to instantly scroll a page while browsing.

Wix HTML Editor is quite simple for an average user and requires no programming skills on the one hand, but some of its features make the editing uncomfortable on the other.


Weebly Website Builder

Surfing the web in a search of multifunctional website builder, Weebly seems to be one of the most hyped. This drag-and-drop builder, which is available on 11 languages, lets you create your website from scratch. All you need is to sign in and choose the focus of your web page: site, blog or store.

Weebly is the multi-purpose website builder, allowing to set your website aim according to your needs: personal, business, education etc. Pick one of various ready-made layouts, depending on the page purpose. Build a home page, portfolio, menu or a page for services, picking structured text blocks with pictures. Or just drag the elements from the Build panel located to the left.

Speaking of the mentioned Build panel, it contains all the basic elements for editing like text, image, gallery, tools related to structure, media, commerce and more. By the way, Weebley website builder as well as Wix HTML Editor is focused on commercial activity. Welcome the Store section. There is everything you need for establishing an online store.

The developers assure you that you’ll have an access to all their awesome features, but choosing some of them, you’ll have to pay. There are three basic plans, offering different services. You have the opportunity to try each element out, but it will not be published until you upgrade.

Weebly’s service is undoubtedly on a high level. Need more than one website? Weebly gives you the opportunity of building a few websites simultaneously. You are able to manage all your websites through My Sites section. However, this website builder lacks one significant feature. Weebly, as well as Wix, provides only Desktop and Mobile view. There is no option for tablets. Yes, all Weebly templates are responsive, but unfortunately the reality is that you can’t edit them in the Mobile mode.


MotoCMS website builder

MotoCMS is a decent player on the web development field. Recently released, the new version 3 of MotoCMS website builder was improved with respect to requests and ideas of the steadily increasing users number. Feel yourself free to choose a template for your website among categories related to the most popular life activities. Try to edit it, using the demo version of this website builder without registration.

MotoCMS 3 templates are responsive. Look at a website from three major breakpoints: desktop, tablet and smartphone (in landscape and portrait modes). Switching between them, you don’t have to go back to the desktop mode for the website editing. Make changes here and now. This gives the website builder developed by MotoCMS a tremendous advantage among other alternatives.

As to design transformation, there are a few widgets that deserve limelight. The Size and Values option you to adjust the layout, depending on a screen resolution due to small, medium and large sizes. No matter what page you are about to edit, all of them will save these changes.

Don’t have the skills in design? Color Picker is meant to provide assistance in creating an original palette for your website. Main colors section makes this possible, generating for you appropriate hues. Need more natural decoration for the template of your website? More color section is consisted of ones that pass the best.

The MotoCMS 3 website builder is handy, responsive and it doesn’t require empyreal knowledge in design as well as in programming. Reading about these tools is good, but personal experience is much better!

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